After being married for a few years, my husband and I decided we liked the idea of “seeing what would happen” if we went off of birth control. I figured we would be pregnant within a few months, but that wasn’t the case. Infertility is everywhere, and it’s often a silent battle.

We were always on the fence about having children. Initially thinking we might not be cut out for parenthood, our minds were changed when we tried to look into the future. Neither of us could picture a life without a family.

Because I have a-typical cells in my cervix, we knew that time could really be limited.

I handled TTC well for the first year. 12 solid months. I took pregnancy tests every month, because my cycles were irregular or non-existent at times after going off of the pill.

After a year passed, the stress hit. Full-blown. It was on my mind every second of every day. Would we be able to have children? Would we spend thousands on infertility treatments? I wasn’t sure I was cut out for all of the stress that went along with infertility (not that anyone is.) I knew Clomid was the first step quite often, but I wanted to try the natural varient of it first, Vitex. While not particularly easy to find, it didn’t take too much work before I found it at our local Vitamin Shoppe for $8. You take it 3x a day. No side effects that I could tell (though, there probably are some.)

While I can’t say what worked, after a month of Vitex we were pregnant. Almost too good to be true? Our little guy is here and healthy.

For many, this won’t work. But for some, it has. Can’t hurt to try, right? Here is a link to some of the information on Vitex: