I’ve rated a selection of grocery reward apps that I’ve personally used. 1 Star is not worth your download, 5 Stars means you should definitely look into it for some great money back savings! When it comes to grocery reward apps, there a few features to look for that will make an app more applicable and appealing to your individual purchases.

The broader range and amount of products they offer rewards on, the more use you will get out of the app. Also, redemption minimums are important as well. An app that allows me to cash out after I’ve earned $5 is obviously more appealing than an app with a minimum of $20 worth of earnings to cash out. Another app feature to look for is a store requirement. Some apps will allow submissions from any store, even online, while others will only allow submissions from select retailers. Finally, how you submit a reward is the last app feature I look for when rating reward apps. Most apps require a pic of the receipt but others may require you to scan the item barcode in addition to the receipt in order to validate the purchase. Annoying, time consuming, ain’t no mama got time for that.

Here is my review of apps I’ve personally used and the ones I like the most. **NOTE I use Apple products. Some of these apps may be available on Android but I unfortunately cannot confirm.




  • Can redeem from a variety of local grocery, big box stores, and retailers
  • Can redeem for produce items as well as occasional “any brand” deals for items like diapers (!!!) or milk
  • Cash out minimum of $10 to PayPal, Venmo or several gift cards
  • Sometimes over 100 offers for one grocery store, so high likelihood its stuff I’m going to be purchasing
  • Must scan individual barcodes of items in addition to receipt photo
  • VERY specific on some items. I’ve been duped a few times when I purchased the wrong size or flavor of an item. For example, cash back for Brawny paper towels but must purchase 9 ct.




  • Most redemptions can be from any retailer
  • No individual item scan, only receipt pic
  • Offer rewards for produce
  • Cash out minimum of $20 by mailed check
  • Not many items available for earning rewards




  • Redemptions can be from any retailer
  • Several items available for earning rewards (multiple baby items!!)
  • No individual item scan, only receipt pic
  • Money goes straight into PayPal account
  • I LOVE Mobisave but the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there is a waiting list to use the app!! Took me a few weeks to be approved. Download ASAP so you can get on the list and start using this great money back app!!




  • No individual item scan
  • Not a large variety and somewhat random items available for reward redemption
  • $20 cash out minimum by mailed check only




  • Multiple items available for reward redemption
  • $5 cash out minimum to PayPal
  • Links straight to rewards card to individual stores so you don’t even have to take a receipt pic
  • No individual item scan, only receipt pic for stores without a rewards card
  • Some people are obsessed with this app, I find it confusing. Many rewards are “$2 back when you buy $15 of product.” I can’t remember to brush my hair some days. Too much effort for me.
  • Very specific on item quantity and flavors
  • Only allowed redemption through a limited number of stores




  • Limited amount, but some “any brand” and produce options
  • $10 cash out minimum via PayPal and Venmo
  • No individual item scan
  • Redemptions can be from any retailer
  • Not a large variety of items, mostly organic
  • If you buy organic a lot, check this out. For me, I have yet to receive a payout. Just don’t purchase the items available for rewards.




  • Redemptions can be from any retailer
  • Money immediately into PayPal or Bank Account
  • Items must be individually scanned
  • App is extremely difficult to navigate in comparison to others
  • Not a large amount of rewards offered but more common items