Making a registry is overwhelming. For me, it was even more so since I hadn’t been raised around many babies or small children. Before making my registry I spent some time researching, and ultimately went with what seemed safest and had the best ratings. I SO wish I had asked other moms what ended up working for them, because it would have saved me a small fortune. So, with several things I purchased I ended up returning them, selling them for new things, or outright not using them. And let’s be honest here, none of us want to spend a ton of money on things that will be used for such a short time. One such item? The infant tub. Unfortunately necessary until our LOs can sit on their own, but these things can get PRICEY! I mean, I’ve seen them for up to $100, little tiny human spa tubs that are nicer than my adult human bath tub. So here’s a quick analysis of the three tubs I purchased and either used or didn’t use, with their pros and cons. All are $20-$25, depending on where you’re picking them up (you can find all of these at Babies R Us, Target, Amazon, and probably a few other sites.)

The first tub I purchased: The Safety 1st Modular Tub 

This tub looks basic enough. A basic, white toddler tub, with an infant insert that can be placed vertically or horizontally within the larger tub. Foam backing to keep the baby from sliding, and some small accessories. The small infant tub has holes so that the infant isn’t actually sitting in any water, but the water is draining into the larger tub.

I found this tub to be totally impractical. My LO was nowhere near stable enough to even use the infant insert, and by the time he was, he was too big. The infant positioner seems to have a very low weight limit, and my LO slid all over the place. It took forever to clean up, having two separate pieces. There was nothing I ended up liking about this tub. Sure, they include some accessories… but not one of them did I actually use. Perhaps Lucas was too wiggly for a tub like this? Either way, not my top pick.

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Next I purchased: The Summer Infant Bath Sling

This thing is seriously cool. Fits in the tub, in the sink, and can be used as a chair too! (We’re actually taking it on vacation to use for a beach chair and for bathing.) It folds up easily, and has two recline positions. My little guy didn’t slide at all. The bad? I thought it took some torque to actually fold flat, but nothing too serious. I also didn’t like how cold the mesh got if you didn’t continuously pour water onto your LO. Definitely don’t get that thing into the water until you’re ready to bathe your baby. Also, you need to fill your tub a few inches with water to get your LO submerged some. Not really helpful for saving water, and you have to make sure your tub is totally clean 100% of the time. I also hated that any stray hair of mine could make its way around my guy’s appendages. (And let’s be honest, postpartum shedding is no joke. I cleaned my bathroom several times a week and still had hair everywhere.)

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I also purchased: Summer Infant to Toddler Tub

I knew I wanted to get my LO sitting up and more stable. This tub has a recline position, and a spot for them to sit up straight. The reason I purchased this tub? You fill it with water and it’s all secluded to that one spot. No momma hairs floating in the water to get stuck to or wrapped around your LO. I do think this tub is better for babies with some control. My guy really started using this tub all the time around 4 months. Otherwise, they slide all over still. Putting a towel down inside of the tub helps with some slipping until they have better control. Once bathing is done, easily dump the water and store your tub. It’s a no fluff/frills kind of tub, and I think that’s why it’s fit our needs best. This also comes with an infant sling that can be attached to the tub, and MAN do I wish we would have had this when our guy was small enough to use it! This tub was perfect. It was the cheapest of the three, and by far what I would pick of the few tubs I tried.

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