I hate when people say “oh, you’re a first time parent. You won’t stress as much with the second.” 1. That implies you know I’m having a second, which is silly considering you don’t know my mindset on having a second or my reproductive ability to necessarily have a second. 2. You assume that I wouldn’t care about a second as much as I cared about my first. I totally get that adding more children means adding more chaos, but I want a happy, healthy child no matter the circumstances. *Steps off soap box.*

So, as a parent, I wanted to take every precaution possible. We all are told about SIDS and “back to sleep” to keep babies on their backs when sleeping/napping during the day. It’s absolutely terrifying. We do everything in our control to keep our babies safe… and you’re telling me my baby could just STOP BREATHING for not good reason in the middle of the night?! AH! So, I did some research and found that there are several things to help us parents sleep without worry. There are hospital grade baby monitors, but they are expensive and usually require a medical condition to obtain. I had heard of an AngelCare monitor– essentially a pad that lays under you LO as they sleep to monitor breathing. The reviews are mixed, at best, with customers saying that the monitor pad doesn’t cover enough surface area.

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So, I continued on with my search and finally stumbled upon the Snuza. A tiny device that clips onto your LOs diaper, under their clothing. It has a soft silicon end that rests against the baby’s belly and monitors each breath. The light on the Snuza flashes each time your LO takes a breath, pretty cool. There are two versions: The Snuza Go! and the Snuza Hero. The difference? Once the Snuza detects no breathing motions for 15 seconds the Hero will vibrate to alert baby before sounding the alarm. The Go sounds the alarm immediately after 15 seconds. The Hero comes in slightly more expensive at $119 vs. the $86 Snuza Go (via Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=snuza).

My mom purchased the Go! for us as a Christmas gift. It was possibly one of the best gifts we received. $86 for some peace of mind? Yes 100 times over. Our LO came home and immediately began wearing his Snuza at night and during naps. The biggest risk of SIDS is within the first 30 days, and then the first 6 weeks (the SIDS risk reduces greatly after 6 months.)

-Our LO never coslept. Was never sleeping with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, crib bumpers, or loose clothing. Always laid on his back to sleep.(All of which our pediatrician advises against. I am not a doctor, and as such… I go with my pediatrician’s advice on most things.)

-Always slept in something sleep approved (crib, pack n play, or the Rock n’ Play.)

Our guy had reflux pretty horribly. We were constantly fearful of him choking, and with good reason. It happened twice, and they were the scariest nights of our lives. Before we started inclining our guy to help with the reflux, he laid flat on his back and choked twice. We got to him in time, and while scary, he was okay each time. We were so steadfast in making sure he wore his Snuza every night, and we are so thankful for the extra security it provided us.

We used our Snuza until Lucas was about 4 months old, at which point he was rolling all over and the Snuza came loose too often. Thankfully, by this point he was outgrowing his reflux and could lift his head with no issue. We were comfortable and confident at that point in packing up the Snuza.

A few times, we did get a false alarm. Talk about hopping out of your bed quickly… nothing compounds chaos like a beeping alarm and a screaming baby. We quickly got this figured out, and realized that making his diaper tighter kept the Snuza in place successfully throughout the night.

Snuza batteries are pricey, but you can get them on Ebay instead of ordering them through Snuza. I’ve seen many reviews saying they have a short battery life, but we didn’t have to change ours even once. We ensured to turn it off after each use.

The company does offer an extended warranty free to anyone that reviews their product. Pretty cool.

The Snuza comes highly recommended from this household.

First time parent or not, some peace of mind is definitely worth $86 in my opinion.