Product Review: Lansinoh Nursing Pads


As a nursing mom nursing pads are a must for most mommas! I know moms who can go without pads, and or bras and just free willy nilly feed their baby! HA!!! I wish I could. If you are a mom like me with machines for boobies then these guys are your BEST FRIEND!!!

Pros: Lansinoh pads keep you dry the longest, stay in place, and most importantly hold the most milk. For you new moms that are asking “What the heck is she talking about?” … just you wait!! Mwahahaha

Cons: The ONLY things that I can find wrong with these pads is that the wrappers attract static and stick to everything. I find them all over stuck to things when I thought it made it to the trash!

I have been breastfeeding for the better part of two years with having two babies under two. Lansinoh pads always come out above the rest! I have tried others and they just don’t cut it! You can get them for as low as $4.93 for a smaller box and the larger boxes generally are around $7.99. They are actually cheaper than even the store brands in most cases! So, WIN for your budget!

Great buy and a must add to any baby registry!



  1. theheavenlyrose

    I tried so hard to like them because I got a bunch from my baby shower. But they hurt my tender nipples with the plasticky pads rubbing against them. I had to go to washable ones :/


    1. AmandaCVelain

      Awww, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I always thought they were softer than other ones I had tried. This might sound silly, but did you have them turned the right way?


      1. theheavenlyrose

        Haha, I did 😦 Yeah, they were definitely much better than the medela ones. It was just so uncomfortable whenever I would move and they would rub against the pad.


      2. AmandaCVelain

        I wish I could use washable ones! It would definitely help with the budget every week. I leak through them and it’s just a waste. :/


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