There is anything but a shortage of sippy cups in our house! We have tried everything under the sun, so I thought I would go ahead and review a few that we have tried! (Because lets be honest, we can’t spend $100 to find the perfect one!)

Avent 12 oz Straw Cups

(9.99 for a 2 pack at Babiesrus)

This cup is technically 18months+ but if your child can suck from a straw this is the way to go.



-It really is leak proof! I filled this cup with water and shook like crazy, and it did pretty well. I don’t think my child could shake hard enough (as I was) to get it to leak.

-The lid twists shut so the straw is protected from germs when not used.

-The size is perfect for tiny hands; he holds it on his own.


-When cleaning the cup, it comes apart into 5 pieces

-The lid can be a challenge to get on and off…and back together!

over all, we love these cups and our son does too.

Playtex Training Time Lil’ Grippers Straw Trainer

(5.99 for one at Babiesrus)

This cup is for 4months+



-Very easy for little hands to hold

-Teaches child to use a straw

– Doesn’t leak for the most part


-So many parts to figure out! Not easy to get back together.

-If dropped it WILL leak!

-Not very big

This cup was a really nice cup for us! My son learned to use it very quickly, unfortunately he dropped it once and it broke! We now just use the handles on another Playtex cup, (review for that cup below!) which works really great!

Playtex Anytime (non-insolated)

(6.99 for a 2 pack at Babiesrus)

This cup is for 9months+



-Leak proof

-Easy to hold

-Easy to clean (only one rubber piece inside)


-Lid can be hard to get on right

This is our everyday water cup, and is very easy to use! I love that there aren’t a lot of parts to get back together, and they are so easy to keep clean!