crawlMy LO started crawling recently, and now that he’s on the go… he’s REALLY on the go. I can look away for a second and he’ll be across the room. All that crawling really brutalizes their little knees (and their kneecaps don’t really fuse into the kneecaps we know with hard spots until they’re a year old, crazy right?!) So my little guy has been crawling around on all kinds of surfaces, but mostly on our shag carpet. Poor guy has some RED knees.

Crawlings makes knee pads for little ones, and they’ll run you about $23. A little expensive for my personal tastes.

So we gave them a shot. They are easy to put on, and have little slots in the backs of the knees to keep your LO from getting some stanky-sweat-knee-grossness. Lucas was cool with them at first, but slowly I noticed they were moving up off of his knees. Then he started really fidgeting with them, and they ended up being more of a hindrance than a help. I think they might work better for an LO that really picks their knees up all the time instead of dragging them across the floor. They’re really a great idea, and we’ll keep trying to use them. Hopefully he gets more accustomed to them.

Pros: Good idea. Cute, comfortable, great designs. Good materials, sturdy. Really a good idea for those with hardwood/tile floors.IMG_6576

Cons: Pricey. Not all babies will adjust to them well. They migrate up and down the leg more than they should.

Here my guy is toting around his knee