I’m posting this from my phone. Why? Because, I am hiding in my bathroom from my toddler. Today BK#1 has wanted every single ounce of my being.  It’s 3pm and I am just now brushing my teeth. Today, it wasn’t my almost 3 month old who was needing my attention, but it was the nearly 2 year old. So,  I sat and read to her and played, played, nursed BK#2, and played some more. I got zero cleaning done, I look a HAWT MESS, and my to-do list is skyrocketing.
I am thanking the Lord that I am a stay at home mom and didn’t have to worry about getting ready for work. I have no clue when that would have happened. My husband works CRAZY hours, and most days has extremely long hard days. My breaks just don’t come when I would like them some days. Now some of you are reading this and saying to yourself “You are so lucky you get to stay home, stop complaining”, and I get that.
My reminder is mommies, sometimes it’s okay to hide in the bathroom. My daughter is in her very much baby proofed room playing with blocks, and my infant is sleeping in his room right next to me. Sometimes as a SAHM you need a bathroom break, a coffee break, an I’m-going-to- loose-it  break, and just 2 minutes to catch your breath. Being a SAHM is NOT a 40 hour a week job. You don’t have anyone else watching your babies when you go to work, you don’t get a break to be an adult and not think in nursery rhymes for 5 minutes.
Dang it, that’s why childcare is so expensive!
I am beyond blessed to stay home, raise my babies, and be their everything for 5 or 6 short years! I just want you to know that I’m right there with you. I’m sitting in my bathroom scrolling Facebook and praying that God gives me the strength for this very hard day! That doesn’t make me a bad mom! And that doesn’t make you a bad mom! It just makes you REAL!
Have a good afternoon ladies, brush your hair, go for a walk, and it’s okay if you are going to go hide that book you have read 5879 times today before you go get your toddler out of her room to go on your walk.