A pack n’ play was absolutely a necessity in our home, and I actually ended up with two of them; one downstairs in my living room and one in my bedroom on the 2nd floor for the 6 weeks my son spent sleeping in our room.

The first I received was an Ingenuity Playard. I had registered for this at Babies R’ Us in my excited-new-mom-frenzy, and while I had looked at reviews casually, I definitely picked this one for its aesthetic values because I knew it would match my living room (ignorant, I tell ya’.)

This playard is not practical, especially in comparison to the Graco playard I had upstairs. (Side note- I loved my Graco playard, and would recommend it a thousand times over. Fantastic quality, easy to use, and comfortable for my little guy.)

16343377The Ingenuity Brighton was easy enough to set up and pack back into the bag. However, the small mattress that it comes with is only a small step up from cardboard, and there are no covers that adequately fit without bunching up and being unsafe for little ones. The newborn napper is of the same quality: the bottom portion where the baby rests is hard. I’m not talking firm… I mean really hard (and for anyone already worried about flat spots in your baby’s head, this doesn’t help.) Not only is it uncomfortable for baby, it also doesn’t conform to their body in any way, making them slide downward.

The changing table portion of the playard works well enough, but it has a limit of 15lbs.

All extras (napper, changer, shelf within the playard) were incredibly difficult to set up. My husband works out, a decent amount. Guy has some serious biceps, and he could barely get some of these pieces to click together. (So single moms putting all this crap together on your own, steer clear unless you have the muscles of a young Schwarzenegger.) 16343377_Alt03

This will run you right around $120, and for that price you’re getting a cheaply made, uncomfortable, impractical piece of junk that probably cost around $20 to make.

The good: like I said, cute design. Outside of that, I have no “pros” to this piece of baby gear.

(Note: See this baby sleeping peacefully in this napper? This never happened with Lucas in this bassinet.)