71XL0BXgm6L._SX522_Let me preface this with: I’ve tried numerous bouncers and stationary entertainers, all varying in price. The Evenflo Exersaucer (beach baby) is by far my baby’s favorite. This will run you around $50 (on the low end of price for an exersaucer. Most will run you $90-$120.)

We started using this when my son was around 5 months old. We could have started using it a bit sooner with the help of some blankets for padding/support (we didn’t purchase ours until our son was 5 months.) I’d recommend starting use when your LO is really able to consistently support their head.

-The seat is comfortable, and there are three easy height adjustments. It also swivels so that your LO can play with toys the entire 360 degrees. Babies can also comfortably bounce.

Moderately easy to put together. It took me around 20 minutes. Putting the seat tabs in for safety is what took the longest.

Toys are all fun: my baby plays with every single one of them. They are also easy to clean and remove if needed.

-The tray offers a cup holder and a space for small food.

-I love that the underneath is solid plastic. 1. Anything that my LO drops ends up on this tray, which can quickly and easily be wiped up. 2. I sweep my floor constantly (we have two cats,) but there is still always stray hair. So, it keeps his feet totally clean when he doesn’t have socks on.811nBztcDWL._SX522_

-This offers great stability exercises since this is shaped like a bowl, making them kind of hold their center of gravity, and three stability legs for babies that aren’t quite ready to push their balance skills yet I’m really not a huge fan of the legs, because I feel as though they fold in and out too easily. I’m constantly adjusting them. Still, not a huge hassle.

-This thing does not fold up, and takes up some serious space. It just sits in the middle of my living room all day every day, because my son loves this thing more than life itself.

Great product, and I’d recommend it to any parent with an active little one!