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Who wouldn’t love a monthly subscription box of baby (and mommy) items delivered every month to your doorstep featuring some of the best reviewed products out there? This is where Bluum Box comes into play!

Bluum is a monthly subscription box (starting at $19/month) that not only will deliver mom & baby products directly to your doorstep- They will deliver relevant, customized, full-sized mom & baby products to your home- with FREE shipping!

When you subscribe to Bluum, one of the questions they ask is for your child’s birth date or due date and gender. This information is then used to select the best age appropriate products. You can even chose their “customize box” feature and input your child’s developmental milestones and routines so the products that are sent will be even more relevant to your child and not just the general age group. They also offer a “Pick a Product” feature which allows you to choose exactly what you want inside your box each month.

Bluum also offers special member benefits to include a free app, the opportunity to shop exclusive products at member-only prices, and their Bluum rewards program. You can earn points (which are redeemable for as monetary equivalent) for making purchases, registering on their site, subscribing to their newsletter, submitting reviews and numerous other actions.

If you would like to learn more about the Bluum Box Subscription service please head on over to their site, here or watch this short video explaining their service:


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