I spent a decent amount of time reading reviews before putting items onto my baby registry. Of course, everyone has a different opinion so I tend to go with the general consensus. I (mostly) like Levana products, but this Lila monitor is the exception.

51gFRPuBgvL._SY355_The monitor has mixed reviews. It’ll run you around $120, and can easily be found in most stores and online retailers.

I, of course, wanted a video monitor that wouldn’t cost $400-$500 (crazy.) While my son slept in our room for the first 6 weeks or so I definitely wanted to be able to keep a close eye on him when he moved into his own room (he had severe reflux and had several choking episodes when he was itty bitty.)

This monitor was a giant disappointment. 

It interferes with any wifi signal and cuts out. I HAVE to turn my wifi off on my phone at night for the camera to work (since it sits docked right next to my phone.) I can’t change my wifi settings, so I guess I’ll continue to run up my cell phone data since the monitor is incompatible with the waves. (Come on Levana– most households have wifi, so this just isn’t acceptable.)

The picture is rough, at best. The night vision is good, but the monitor REALLY struggles when it’s not dark enough for the night vision and not bright enough to create a good daytime photo. It’s grainy and has a pretty poor picture.

-The interface is clunky. Like, if Windows 98 were a baby monitor, this would be that monitor.

-Cheaply made. My stand broke just from your typical every-day use (mostly, sitting on my night stand not being moved.) Getting a spare part from Levana? Good luck. I emailed WEEKs ago and was informed that it would be around a 6 week wait. So now I have my Levana monitor duct taped to stay up. #ThanksLevana When typical, everyday, baby products break so easily, the customer service should be much better. If you don’t have the stand, offer something else. 0871363024510_AV2_500X500

Battery isn’t great. I plug mine in all day, and keep it plugged in all night. It lasts for the time I need to have it and carry it around with me during naps, but otherwise, don’t expect to leave it unplugged for more than a few hours.

-Changing the brightness on this camera is really awkward. It loses all contrast if you up the brightness.

Cord is too short to be able to mount this high on your wall. We had to rig this with a strange extension cord to get it in the corner of the nursery.

The Pros: Price was OK. Also, I love that the monitor will stay on continuously, or it has 3 levels of sound that it will turn the display on for. The mount works well, and the camera has a decent (manual) swivel for wherever you need to aim it.

I wouldn’t recommend the Levana Lila. Levana has some really great products, but this is not one of them. Save your pennies and buy a different monitor.