512cg9-v3AL._SX466_Kitchen safety: super important. Between cleaning supplies, random chemicals (dishwasher detergents, especially,) hot surfaces, sharp objects… it’s definitely the place to spend some time baby-proofing. My kitchen was fairly straight-forward: a few things moved into new spots out of reach, and a few cupboard latches.

What I was most worried about was our oven. New ovens are decently lightweight and easy to tip, especially if the door is pulled open. My LO loves to climb on everything right now, and he really likes to use the oven handles to push himself up. IMG_7899

I had heard of children being severely injured or killed by falling furniture. Most of my tall furniture is secured to the wall, however, our oven door was a conundrum to me. A quick search resulted in these multi-use latches by Munchkin (there are several other brands, as well.)

These have adhesive that sticks firmly, but can also be peeled off without too much of a struggle. One adheres to the oven door, and one to the side of the oven (you can also use these on microwaves, refrigerators, etc.) Each square clip has buttons on each side that push in to release the latch. This then swivels into a vertical position, out of the way of your door. Really, a simple yet great design.51XjuH-IwxL

The ease of use makes it easy to cook without becoming frustrated by all of the baby-proofing. My husband and I use this daily, and I think that it’s one of the easier security items that we’ve purchased.

A two pack of these will run you around $7. And while I watch my 9 month old in the kitchen at all times, it’s helpful to know that if he pulls on the oven in the wrong way, he’ll be safe.