family-manager-pinkromaI juggle a lot. Anyone that knows me will tell you: I should probably take something off of my plate.

But that’s not an option. The income is important, from both my job and the photography.

I was working full-time before having my LO, and thought I would continue. About halfway through my pregnancy I decided I wanted to go part-time. So now I work MWF, about 25 hours a week. On top of that, I own and operate a photography business specializing in weddings and engagements, which occupies anywhere from 20-30 hours a week between shooting and editing. I also take care of our home (with the help of my husband,) and run this blog. My house is almost always spotless, which may be more attributed to a touch of OCD.

So how do I do it?

In all honesty: something is almost always being forgotten. Seriously. I make these mental lists of things I want to get done, and I end up remembering maybe 10% of it. (Right now, to get this blog done, I’m distracting my 9 month old with a pile of Puffs. You do what you’ve gotta do…)

Obviously, in order of priority, my LO comes first, followed by my jobs, and lastly my house (which is why my fridge currently contains milk and bread and nothing else.)

The key to being a working mom and keeping your sanity is organization.

unnamed-At my job: I have a running to-do list every day. I cross things off as they are finished or make notes to let myself know what still needs accomplished. I also keep a calendar of events, as well as utilize the post-it note feature on my desktop. One of the best ways I’ve found to remember various things in the moment is to actually open all of those browser tabs at once. This way, you’ll look at those tabs and go “why did I have this open?” It’s a quick way to make reminders.

-With my business: I am excessively organized. I have contracts, a calendar of events, reminders, and paperwork for clients to fill out. I know who is watching my child at what time, as well as what they will need paid. I also keep many of the papers with me when I’m out on a shoot (itineraries, important phone numbers, etc.) In doing my business finances, I have several spreadsheets of information to account for itemizing come tax time.

-With my house and family: we have a boogie board on our fridge that keeps us in check. The board can be locked, and you can cross things off and add notes. No need for pens and paper. Outside of that, my husband an71Z22Va1imL._SL1500_d I have a shared Google calendar, and we always have a plan for the day (who is dropping off, who is picking up, who is responsible for dinner… or for picking up Chipotle, most often.) We are CLEAR on communication, i.e. “can you do this, that, and the other tonight” or “I already did this, that, and the other.” I also use the “reminders” feature on my iPhone. My iPhone runs all things, knows all things, and is the sole reason I’m mildly sane. Siri reminds me of all the things I would otherwise forget. Siri… you beautiful virtual woman you.

No part of this is easy. Some days it’s downright daunting. With some organization and planning, things generally go pretty smoothly (by smoothly, I mean that we have never forgotten to pick up our child, and our house hasn’t burned to the ground yet.)

Good luck, mommas! You’ve got this!