Our little girl received this as a gift for her second birthday. I will be honest, I wasn’t too sure of it at first. I didn’t think she would be able to push herself around in it yet and up until she would be able to, I thought it would just collect dust in the garage and get in the way. That was until I realized this particular model comes with a removable floor and parent handle! That means we could begin enjoying it right away and we didn’t have to wait until she could do it herself.



We put it together immediately. I will admit that I struggled with the assembly. It wasn’t as “easy” as it was advertised to be, but luckily my husband helped. (I was also 7 months pregnant at this time!) Once it was put together, our little one got in it without hesitation and has loved it ever since. We still have the floor in it now (she’s 2.5) because she likes to push it around with neighborhood kids in it or for us to push her in it. I’m sure by next summer she will still enjoy playing with it without the floor and her little brother will be able to start getting pushed around in it too.



  • Removable floor – easy to take in and out, but not easy enough for our little one to figure out.


  • Handles on back & sides of roof for parent-controlled rides – the back handle can be put down so it’s out of the way for when this feature isn’t needed



  • Storage compartment in the back – our little girl loved stashing side-walk chalk, bubbles, flowers, and other random things here.


  • Cool features inside like an ignition switch, a working horn, and fully rotating steering wheel
  • Tires are durable and quiet with the front wheels spinning 360 degrees – we’ve stayed in our neighborhood on sidewalks and streets and they’ve held up well all summer long
  • Door locks – there are little locks on each door that easily slide into place to keep the doors secured closed


  • Moon roof!! It’s a tinted plastic on the top of the car that can also be removed. We’ve always just left it in place. Neat feature though.




  • NOT as easily assembled as advertised, required a lot of muscle, but no tools were necessary
  • Although the door locks mean well, my little one eventually figured out how to undo them on her own, so if she is being pushed, I have to keep a close eye on if she has undone the locks because the doors can easily come open


Here’s a link for this “Cozy Coupe” on Amazon. It’s only slightly more expensive than more basic models by Little Tikes and totally worth the few extra bucks. On Amazon it’s listed for $60.22. Even though it was a gift, for that price and all the features it has, I would totally buy this again or as a gift for someone else! We plan to get many more good years and memories out of it!