41lAWqubktL.jpgOf all the large baby objects we own (swing, exersaucer, bouncer, etc.,) this walker has by far gotten the most use. We purchased this when my son was around 4 months old. He didn’t start really using it to scoot around until around 6 months (and at first, he just drove backwards.) But once he really started standing and gained some mobility (7 months) he was using this thing multiple times a day. This Winnie the Pooh walker is the best out there.

-Varying heights, all easily adjustable.

81V2LLlKKVL._SL1500_.jpg-Folds up almost flat for travel (which we have done often.)

-Comfortable padding, and good back support.

-Padding is easily removable for washing.

-Trays open to provide a food/play table.

-Great, interactive toys. Good music.

-Moderate in price, running $40-$70 depending on where you purchase. (We purchased ours at Kmart for around $50.)818bLanfEOL._SL1500_.jpg

-Comes in several colors and patterns.61JL7XDdBPL._SL1000_

-Rubber stoppers on the bottom (which I sometimes wish were easily removable so that my son could easily cross over thresholds.) This works well on low carpeting and hard floors, but not so great on shag carpet.


This is one of the very few things that has grown with my baby, that he’ll be able to continue to use for several more months. Though he is taking steps on his own now, he loves to run around in this. It provides good support for a little one that is learning to walk.

All of the toys are easy to clean, and the trays have locks so that your LO can’t open/close them and pinch their fingers.

A registry must for any new parent!