I don’t think I have ever read a review about Melissa & Doug products that was negative, and trust me, we’re not going to start here. Right off the bat, 5 out of 5, and let me explain why.

We love Melissa and Doug! We love how educational and intellectual their products are along with how fantastically they’re crafted; for the quality of the product, the price tag isn’t (too too) bad.

This specific Melissa & Doug Puzzle, retails for $24.99 and is 3+. I figured why not try it for C, and he loves it! He wakes up and asks for his puzzle and consistently plays with it off and on throughout the day. The puzzle is also great for self time and quiet time since there are no pieces to get lost, nothing he can choke on, no batteries to replace, and no loud noises so I am completely comfortable letting him sit in his room by himself and play with this.

All of the houses are different colors, have different latch systems, different door styles, different animals and the quanity of animals under the door matches the number of the door.  So not only does it teach fine motor skills, it teaches colors, numbers and animals.




My only complaint is door #2. It’s hard to open even for an adult. So needless to say, the 3 yr old can’t get it open either (and clearly neither could the photographer for the picture, just kidding) but no really, its tough. I’m not sure why, it’s not the mechanism itself but the friction between the two pieces that makes it so difficult.

Overall, another Melissa & Doug win!