untitled (9).pngBath time is so important to your baby’s development! All of your baby’s senses are stimulated while in the tub. In our home bath time tends to be BK#1’s favorite time of the day, and I love finding new things to put in the bath with my babies to change it up from the usual rubber ducky.

Let me tell you, when we were little they certainly didn’t have bath toys like they do today. There are literally hundreds of options now!

This toy is absolutely amazing!!! I found it browsing on Babies ‘R Us, spending a gift card BK#1 got for Christmas.d40115-09-tubfountainpckgcomp.jpg

The fountain is battery operated and jet powered. Even though it has a motor, it is very quiet and won’t startle your child. The base can attach to your tub to make it stay in place, but it also floats. (I read a few reviews where they detached the stabilizer and put it in a swimming pool!) It draws water up through the center and through the boats that are stacked. Your child can stack all the boats, or just one. It’s interchangeable so they can discover and do what they chose.

It is really sturdy, and not flimsy! I appreciate this, because toys these days are generally poorly made.

stack-n-spray-boats.jpgThe pieces are all very bright and engaging!

After I showed BK#1 how it worked a few times, she easily did it all on her own.

No assembly required and very age appropriate! My 6 month old really likes it too, so I am sure it will end up being a favorite for years to come.

The ONLY down side to this toy is that it is battery operated. I don’t mind so much though, with two under two we have major stock in batteries. BK#1 has had it a little over 2 weeks now, and the batteries it came with are still going strong.

This is something I would purchase again, and I definitely recommend that you add it to any registry!!