I Don’t Put Wipes In Wipe Cases…..

BurritoBuzz A wipe case can save your sanity.png


When we had our baby shower for BK#1 we got tons of wipes and diapers. Along with those came a lot of plastic containers that I hate to just throw away! We let the babies play with them, put stuff in them, make shape sorters out of them, instruments, etc……I have found thousands of things you can do with wipe containers, besides pitch them!

My favorite right now is a ‘Travel Coloring Set’. I got the idea when BK#1 was putting her crayons in a cheapo travel case and carrying it around the house.  I have seen fancy DIY images (5).jpgprojects of hot gluing paper inside one, and elastic to hold the crayons, but I never have the time to even think about hot gluing paper pads to wipe containers.  ***I will link some really cool ones at the bottom!***

When I do have that kind of time I use it to DIY more important things like melting crayons on canvas,  cutting apart a bra to make a different bra, making my DH’s shirt into a dress, what my next crochet project will be, or bed rail covers so BK#1’s crib doesn’t look like our dog was trapped in her bed and I didn’t know it.  { << Those last two are completely serious!…besides the part about the dog….labs….in a crib….yeah no}

So, I thought I would share our new essential diaper bag item!

It is a life saver for the doctor’s office, going out to dinner, long car rides, whenever she has to sit still for more than 10 seconds!!

BurritoBuzz Travel color set

The cheep ones are harder to open, and you wont have your two year old quietly coloring on the dining room floor without paper while you are in the bathroom…..

Burritobuzz Crayon kit.png

I seriously am obsessed with these crayons! I have washed little scribbles off of the walls, floors, chairs, toys, etc. with only a baby wipe! They are angled too, so it promotes proper writing!

BurritoBuzz Wipes travel kit.png


That’s it! No mess, no fuss, and a happy kiddo with items you already probably have.

I hope this helps your outings with a toddler go a little smoother!

What do you do to keep your LO happy while you are out and about with them?





More wipes DIY:

Organize all your feminine products.  2013-07-20-11.07.38-300x225.jpg

Make an alphabet monster! Feed-the-Alphabet-Monster-466x1000.jpg

Lego keeper! 42a0ccfdef6de3e88eaef6293bb5a421.jpg

Make a Peek-a-boo house! ba7c3a5fd7956964879e4bf0dc7ae415.jpg

or try some Flip top Phonics! a4b7a3946791102c70936bde0bf32ff7There are seriously thousands of ideas out there!




  1. dadstayedhome

    I am a box man. Have been my whole life. It it has walls and a top I swear I kept it. No not on a hoarder level but you can always find different shapes and sizes if you look in our garage. My wife always teases me for this. Fast forward to having a 3yo and 18mo daughters and my wife tells me all the time “we have boxes/tubs to store things in, how did you know we were going to need them?” We decorate them and we especially use the crap out of the wipes container. Thanks for sharing. I’m interested in what comes next.


    1. Amanda

      Hahaha, there is always a way to recycle things! We are always interested in what you would like to read about! If you want to know how to re-purpose something else let us know. I will do the research and testing things out for ya!! Feel free to follow us on social media to see more updates and ideas!

      Liked by 1 person

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