My Potty Training Game Changer

I first thought about starting the potty training process with my daughter almost 2 years ago, when she was 18 months old. Yes, she was pretty young but I thought if we got her a potty and introduced her to it at a young age, she would be interested in using it. I went and got her a really cute Mickey Mouse potty that cheered when you pulled Mickey’s hand down to ‘flush’. It came in several parts; the bowl, the seat, Mickey’s hand, the lid and the base. So what was her first thought? To tear it apart! She refused to sit on it but she had no problem taking the bowl out, messing with Mickey’s hand and even tried to bite the soft foam seat. Every time I tried putting her on it, she refused and instead wanted to play with it. I gave up, thinking she as too young amd gave the seat to a friend. There goes our money, down that little toilet.     When we moved into our new house, our daughter was just turned 2. I noticed a weird extra seat attached to the lid of our toilet. It was a small toilet seat that was attached to the lid by magnets and came down on the toilet seat, making it easier for little buns to sit comfortably. My potty training GAME CHANGER. I had never seen a toilet seat with a built in training seat. I was so excited that the previous owners left it for us! We didn’t start trying to really potty train until our daughter was 2.5. I just felt she wasn’t ready and when we started with the new toilet seat, she did so well! She was very proud of herself and said she  felt like a ‘big girl’. We ended up having to hold off due to her not wanting to go #2. We started again 2 months later and haven’t looked back! Now she has no issue going on a big public toilet without a toddler seat.

It’s super easy to install (I remove it to clean the toilet) and cleans easily. You can find it in elongated or round and in 3 different colors (depending on the style of your toilet) at the Home Depot or Amazon under the brand Bemis NextStep or at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond under the brand Mayfair NextStep. I highly recommend these seats instead of a training potty. Below are links to buy or learn more about these innovative toilet seats! 

It is so easy to install!

Bemis Round NextStep Toilet Seat – Home Depot

Mayfair Elongated NextStep Toilet Seat – Bed Bath and Beyond

– Casey



  1. dadstayedhome

    My daughters preschool had this and it made my life a million times easier. My daughter would sit on the potty and it would go everywhere. She would shoot it into the bathtub ( a good 4 feet away). The walls were covered and the floors were the nightmare of my life. Once we discovered this our world changed. We were no longer going through rolls of paper towels a day. It got so bad I even created a video about it (don’t worry it’s clean). loved the post and you have a new follower. Thanks again.


  2. her3littlethinkers

    Reblogged this on Her 3 Little Thinkers and commented:
    I really wish that I knew that this was even a thing when my 4 year old was potty training because it really does seam like a game changer. Saves money on potty chairs when your have more than one child who will be potty training. I will definately be thinking about purchasing one of these when we move to our new house in the fall! Thanks to my sister, Casey for blogging this on Borrito Buzz or I would never have known 🙂


  3. geekydadsden

    We had something like this for our kids…it worked brilliantly. Got it at Home Depot at the time..sadly they discontinued it but it was an awesome find at the time


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