220638_200859643292302_552108_oWhen Sonshine and Broccoli offered to send BurritoBuzz their album “It’s a Beautiful Day” I was interested in hearing the album because my daughter LOVES music, and its a large part of our lives!

Music is such an important part of a child’s development!

” Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development.

As my babies get older, I turn everything into music! Eating breakfast, time for nap, going potty, clean up….literally everything! It helps them remember how to do things, educates them, and gets them engaged. {I will go into more detail in a future post!!}

28739_479966762048254_414429192_n.jpg“Sonshine and Broccoli” are Lisa Sonshine and Brock Burford from Toronto. They have been entertaining children at parties and live concerts in their area for a decade now.  The duo have two other successful albums, and this is their third.

You can purchase their music on iTunes .

Pros: Super upbeat and happy music! My 2 year old and her 2 1/2 year old bestie danced and loved “Wave Hello”. It would be a great party album to get the kids moving and all playing as a group. Most of the songs have some sort of actions. For example, the song “High Five”  has a lot of  movement: “stretch your hands”, “spread your fingers in the air”, “give me a high five”.

Cons: My kids didn’t care for it. BK#1 liked it when I made her dance with me and her little friend. Usually when music comes on there is dancing and singing, they danced a little and went on to playing.  I let the whole album play, and tried to get them engaged, but it was a struggle, even after a few days of listening to it. Nursery rhymes are much easier to remember for younger children. Older Children might enjoy it.

The music wasn’t educational. I am a huge advocate for music in children’s lives! So anything is better than nothing! But I try my hardest to pick very purposeful songs for my children. I choose songs with ABCs, colors, nursery rhymes to promote successful reading and language, shapes, daily activity, etc. Sure they hear things on the radio, around the house, and at church, but I don’t purchase un-educational albums for them, or seek out music that wouldn’t teach them something.

Besides the fact that my toddler didn’t really like it, parents be warned: If your kids like it, it will make you CRAZY! Most music made for children drives parents crazy though!

I am looking forward to hearing more purposeful and educational songs from Sonshine and Broccoli.


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