I nursed BK#1, but she was also on a bottle because I worked for a while when she was a baby. So weaning her from the bottle was harder than weaning her from nursing. Like you have probably noticed, BurritoBuzz moms are kind of fed up with sippy cups and their performance. Either the kid hates it or they dump it everywhere!

Seriously, its not okay. I have no idea why companies can’t get it right!

16294309_Alt01.jpgBK#1 would have nothing to do with any type of cup. All of the nipples were too hard or not shaped right. Really, who knows with a toddler. We finally found these at Target! AND she loved them!


BurritoBuzz mom Katie already went in to detail on why the straw cups don’t last (even though the idea is genius – it’s a weighted straw so no matter how your child holds their cup they get something). BK#1 loved it, but it was not worth the mess or the waste.

15300763Back to the Munchkin Click Lock™ 9oz Bite Proof™ Soft Spout Sippy Cup. Again, great idea but poor execution!

It is a three piece cup that is very easy to wash and take care of. The click system is supposed to let you know when it is sealed and won’t leak. The spout is soft, but the child still has to bite down for anything to come out.

Target was always having sales on them and we probably ended up with a dozen before they went bad.

click-lock-collection-from-appFirst the click went bad. The little piece of plastic that makes the sound snapped off, leaving a hole on the seal of the cup! Disaster. So those got pitched.

THEN the spout went bad!!

Seriously, Munchkin?!?!

The ones that didn’t leak from the cup lasted about 6 months before the spouts went bad.

Where your child bites down to drink, there are two little holes for the liquid to flow through. Well, apparently they rip into bigger holes and/or the cup is not “bite proof”. I can’t say for sure what happened. But you can see the rips on the side of the holes, like someone stuck a pair of scissors in the hole to make it bigger. INSANE! sanity suckers.png

We are currently on the Gerber Graduates Advanced Insulated Cup-Like Rim Sippy Cup, and are very happy! No leaks to report.. yet!

I am still slowly throwing out the Munchkin cups as they break, but only using them as water cups.

imagesWhat are you going to do Munchkin? We thought we loved your products!