Monday: Wake up. Go to work. Cook dinner. Go to bed.

Tuesday: Wake up. Go to work. Cook dinner. Go to bed.

Wednesday: Wake up. Go to work. Cook dinner. Go to bed.


You’re smart. I’m sure you can depict how the rest of the week goes. Somewhere in there you find time to snuggle with you kiddos, kiss your husband and find something fun to do.

Routine in itself is seriously a fun sucker. Routine paired with a boredom rut that you unknowingly were digging day by day is the demise of every (insert your age)- something year old person out there.

When the weekend rolls around, you’re so exhausted from the week, that you’re just excited to get to (hopefully) sleep in past 6am and not have to deal with rush hour morning traffic -or- your weekend is thrown right down the drain as you try to grocery shop, clean, pay bills and handle the rest of those awesome adult things that didn’t happen Monday-Friday. By the time you realize it, it is 9pm on Sunday night and you have to be at work in 12 hours.

So how do you start filling in your boredom rut?

Mix it up: Drive a different route, go out to eat to lunch instead of packing, try a new coffee shop, order something different for breakfast. It’s all about breaking the typical routine.

Take a class or lesson: Have you always wanted to play the violin? Learn to weave baskets? Make cakes? Most craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc) offer classes for a minimal cost. Sign yourself up and have at it. Since the class wouldn’t be everyday, it doesn’t become a monotonous task. It will actually help to break up the monotony of the day to day.

Schedule it: Wether it is going to dinner with the girls, or an hour to read your favorite book at night, write it down on the planner and stick to it. Give your mind the well-deserved break.

Re-Boot: If you have to, remove yourself from everything and regroup. Sit under a tree and write a list of your goals, diary day to day life, surf the web, something…anything.

Focus on you and what you need to be happy and do it!