There’s nothing quite like the surprise and joy a subscription box can bring. There are so many different kinds of subscription boxes and they are all equal in the surprises they bring each imagemonth. My favorite kind of boxes are for babies and kids and I am thrilled with one that I recently received, called the Noobie Box. It is geared towards pregnant and new mothers (and baby) and is packed full of amazing products, samples, discount codes and coupons!

I couldn’t wait to try out all of the products and the first thing I tried was the Healthy Mama Herbal Tea – it supports pregnancy wellness (helps calm the stomach and helps with morning sickness) because I suddenly felt like I did in my first trimester – imagenauseous and sick! I loved that it is all natural, caffeine and gluten free. It is delicious and really did calm my tummy! I loved the sample of Vita Coco Coconut Oil, I have never tried this brand (I have tried others) and I really liked it! It’s great to cook with. After popping it in the fridge, I tried the full size bottle of Bundle Organics pasturized juice (made with kale, apple, lemon, ginger with folic acid, imagecalcium, vitamin D, omega 3 and iron). HOLY COW. I could drink 12 of these bad boys a day! They’re specifically made for expecting and new moms which I love. I also love that it is made with USDA organic fruits and veggies – none of the bad stuff! My favorite product in the box would have to be the Weleda Lip Balmit is fantastic and stays on my lips for quite a while. I love it!

I also received awesome discount codes from several awesome companies like Sigikid – a company from Germany that makes and sells the cutest (and organic!) snugglies, rattles and musical toys and Mine4Sure – an awesome company that creates custom imagename tags for all of your baby essentials (clothes, lovies, bottles, diaper bag, ect.). Also included was a coupon and discount code from Buddle Organics (so I can get more yummy juices!) A discount code for Icon Undies was include as well and I cannot wait to order a pair! They’re pee proof underwear that keep you dry and odor-free from little leaks – how awesome is that?! Perfect for after baby when your bladder does what it wants!

Now for the baby items.. I won’t be able to use these items until baby comes (in just two weeks!) but I am eager to try them out imagewhen she’s here and I will let you all know how they stack up! I received a 4oz Avent bottle that I have previously read about (reviews were awesome!) so I can’t wait to give it a try and see how it compares to my favorite Tommee Tippee bottles. More Weleda products were included, which based on my love for their lip balm I bet I will love the samples of their White Mallow imagediaper rash cream and their Calendula diaper rash cream. Another product Included that I love and think is genius is Milk Baby’s formula storage bags, they’re so convenient and space saving in the diaper bag. So smart! And I can’t wait to use my City Grips stroller handlebar grip covers! They’re so stylish and comfortable.

Not only did this box blow my mind with all of it’s useful and amazing products but I love that informational brochures were also included, about Cord Blood Banking, how to get a Medela breast pump for free from your insurance, information about breastfeeding and much more plus a copy of The Bump magazine and a parenting guide! This box would make an awesome gift for an expecting or new mommy, I give it 5 stars! It is one of the best boxes out there in my opinion.

– Casey