*I am not a medical professional. All of this information has come from my own experience and research. If you have any serious questions please, consult a physician.*

Pregnancy |What to Expect|

  • Weight gain. – Talk to your doctor about what is a “normal” amount for you. How much should you be eating drinking? Do some research4! You are NOT “eating for two”, and you will be kicking yourself in 10 months if you do! cat-eating-pregnancy-meme.jpg


    • What are my risks? What is a “High risk pregnancy”????
    • Screenings. – There are many you can CHOSE to have. Blood tests, amniocentesis, CVS, NT…..Research them and know what you want for you and your family. The AMA has a great article full of facts and info!
  • Sex- I know I was wondering if it was okay during pregnancy. How long is it okay? Is it a danger to the baby etc. Each case is different obviously, but chances are you won’t feel like it first trimester, you will LOVE your husband second trimester, and third you won’t even want him to hold your hand some days. Do a little research and be sure to communicate with him, so he not feeling completely lost!
  • Prenatal Vitamins. – Take them! Make sure to check with your doc, your insurance probably covers them. It can add up pretty quickly! If you don’t like taking medicine, get the gummy kind! They taste delicious and are about the same price! untitled (7).png
  • Call insurance company- Find out what Doctors, midwives, hospitals, etc. are covered.
  • Talk to employer – It is important for them to be aware early. (Most give you a little more slack…ya know when you run out of meetings because you were going to barf!)
  • Buy maternity clothes. – Belly bands and tunic length tank tops help extend your current wardrobe, and help with post-partum body! bellaband_stages_1
  • Kegel exercises- Just do them, I promise that they help! I did them about double the amount with BK#2 as I did with BK#1, and the heavy “I feel like my vagina is going to fall out” feeling wasn’t as bad after birth .
  • Buy stock in antacids! – Not every woman has heartburn with pregnancy, but most do. I had it so bad with both babies! Nothing really got rid of it, and it regularly made me toss my lunch. Find one that you don’t mind, and keep them in your purse, on your nightstand, in the car, on the counter, wherever you spend more than 5 min just put a bottle there!
  • GO TO THE DENTIST! A gum infection can easily go to your blood stream and easily effect your unborn child. You can read more here.
  • Create a “baby budget” – research costs of baby gear, and products. Know what you want and what you are going to put on your registry, and then think about what you HAVE to buy if you don’t get it as a gift. Baby stuff isn’t cheap, its best to be prepared!
  • Body Pillow –This let me get a little bit more sleep than I was without. It is really hard to sleep when pregnant, and having something to rest your big ‘ol belly on really helps you relax. 61c+JG7cKpL._SL1500_.jpg
  • Research and pick a pediatrician – How to select a pediatrician < great article! Make sure your pediatrician clicks with you, and that you feel comfortable! Ask around, people usually aren’t shy about what doctors they like/don’t like for their kids!
  • Research Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding – Decide what is best for you and your family.
  • Baby Registry- I have already collaborated with other BurritoBuzz mom’s and we came up with this list!  This checklist is awesome too! The popular ones are Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon
  • Baby Name– This one might be obvious, but sit down and talk to your family and friends about it. It might not be anyone else’s business, but they might prevent you from naming your kid something they will hate you for, you will regret, or to make sure that all 5 of your pregnant friends aren’t planning on naming their baby the same as you! lyi3a.jpg
  • Childcare- Are you having an in home nanny? Babysitter? Day care? Family? They all have their pro’s and con’s, but unless you plan on being a SAHM this should be a very well thought out, and planned decision.
  • Write a birthplan– if it’s only for you to make sure you know what will happen, that’s fine. Being educated will help with your nerves.


If you have never been around pregnant women, that should get you started! Like I have said before, this was just on my “Research”/ To/do list!

Katie also wrote an awesome post about what we didn’t expect !


Typical Pregnancy Can and CANT’s to look into!.

*Caffeine- readme

* Alcohol ….This one is pretty obvious. You and your baby share the same blood stream. This is a big ol’ CAN’T! Doc’s say “one glass of red wine” every once in a while is okay…. I never did, I had a sip of something here and there, but there is so much research against it, I just didn’t want to chance it.

* Prenantal Visists – I really can’t believe that I have this on my list, but some people think that never checking up on your unborn child is okay….its NOT okay. Go to your doctor appointments!

* Folic acid- Just because you heard it was a good thing to take, doesn’t mean to just take whatever dose you find on the shelf at RiteAid. Only take what your doc prescribes. Read this about prenatal vitamin limits.

* Cat Litter- stay away? Make hubs do it!

* Ab work outs

* Cold medicine – Generally you can only take Tylenol Cold in small amounts. Refer to your doctor!

* Lunch Meatfc2229165afa9356a88a84061d63f3b7.jpg

* Soft Cheese


* Second hand smoke – It is linked to miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight and the list goes on! Great article here.

* Paint fumes- Paint your house before you get pregnant, and let your spouse paint the baby’s room and/or use low VOC paint!

* Garden/ Lawn care products

* House hold cleaners

* Sauna/ Hot tubs/ Hot weather/ Overhearting – The main thing is to remember that you can cool down, and your baby cant!

* Minimize xrays

* Microwaves

* Unfiltered tap water

* Cocoa Butter

* OH! And, Avoid stress……

I just threw  that last one in there for giggles, but really I heard it all the time. Chances are after looking at that list of thing you never thought of thinking about regarding pregnancy you are definitely not “avoiding stress”

Some of this you might see as over board, but a lot of it I never thought of or knew! I promise, when you know what cold meds you can buy your first pregnancy cold, you will be thanking me for at least putting it on your radar!




…Pregnancy For the Control Freak will be continued…..