C rushes up the stairs every morning to wake up my husband which subsequently wakes me up, too. I often lay there and listen to their super adorable conversations about life while they share a cup of “coffee” at the breakfast table and C warns my husband about how hot his cup is and offers to blow and cool it off. Not only do I stay in bed because I love the self time, I stay in bed because I don’t want to interrupt the them time.

It seems as if the little things tend to get lost in day to day life due to being stuck in life-is-boring-and-monotonous routine (If you want to break that too, here is a bit of advice) but what you need to focus on is the cute-little-moments-that-they-will-grow-out-of-soon routine and cherish them. Especially when you’re not involved. I find things so much cuter and a lot more memorable when I’m watching from the sidelines in my own house.

Cherish the moment for yourself as well. Let your DH do his thing with the kids, listen, observe and have some self time. Catch up on the load of laundry. Re-warm your coffee and sit down and drink it. Run to the bathroom, hop in the shower, something! I often find myself wanting to sit and watch my husband and son play Paw Patrol together and its not until they’re done that I realize I could have swept the floors, went pee, started dinner and still had time to relax.

Whether it be reading a book together before bed, making smushy faces on glass together before your DH heads off to work, drumming, playing guitar or just sitting with each other on the couch sharing popcorn, snap a picture. The cutesy moments all end to soon.