You may notice that I’ve been slacking at writing articles lately, and I promise, it’s not because I want to intentionally neglect BurritoBuzz! We’ve established such an awesome community here, and I’m thrilled to see so many moms connecting and helping one another, and finding some form of solace in our articles!

We plan on putting our home on the market in the next few months, and if you’ve never planned a move with a little… count your blessings. The insane OCD side of me is coming out full-force, worrying about things being in boxes, disorganization, temporary housing, strangers in my home for showings and their dirty shoes, if my cats will escape when showings happen, my yard looking like total crap after this winter, etc. etc. etc.

So, to make things less stressful for us, we’re taking our time. We’ve made a few plans that will hopefully make this all a bit easier. Here are my moving tips:

  1. Start packing as early as possible. Get rid of junk. If you aren’t taking it with you, trash it or donate it. Pack things that you are certain you won’t need, and LABEL those boxes accordingly (what’s in the box, and what room it’s going to in the new house.)
  2. Collect boxes. I’ve been collecting boxes for a year (and I have plenty thanks to my Amazon Prime problem.) Nothing is worse when moving than trying to scramble to find something that you otherwise throw away all year.moving-boxes
  3. Buy supplies for moving. Sharpies, packing tape, packing materials.
  4. Get a few cages for your pets. We don’t cage our two cats normally, but they like to escape. I want them to feel safe when showings are happening, so they need their own space. We’re putting the cage out early so they can play in it and sleep in it to get used to it. Also, showings sometimes happen quickly, so figure out a way to convince your pet to hop into that cage so that you aren’t rushing to find them and contain them.
  5. Decide on your time frame. We aren’t in a big rush, and want to wait for the house that is meant for us. We hired a realtor that understands that, and is willing to work with our guidelines.
  6. Figure out if temporary housing is an option. Because we have a baby, we decided that temporary housing is our last resort. Because of this, we’re saving some extra money to pay two mortgages for a time if we have to. We would rather buy a new house and take our time moving from ours than have to move twice with all of that baby stuff.
  7. Stock up. Make sure you have all of the baby essentials you’ll need when moving.
  8. Find a good system for your family for showings. If you’re doing a for sale by owner scenario, you’ll likely want someone to watch your LO while you show your house. If you have a realtor, plan on scheduling showings around naps and feedings so that you can quickly pack up your LO and go for a drive.moving-with-baby
  9. If you’re like us, we’re really lacking free time. We work a lot, so we need some hired help. We are hiring some landscapers to ensure that our yard is in good shape.
  10. Know your numbers. Make sure you aren’t making a rush decision when negotiation home prices, and know what you can and cannot financially do. Be firm in your decisions; when you have other priorities, like children, it’s easy to get frustrated and distracted from the ultimate goal of selling your home and buying a new one.
  11. List your providers, and their phone numbers. When you move it will be easy to quickly transfer everything during your LO’s nap time.
  12. Plan for child care the day of your move. Set up your nursery first, so that your LO can come to their new home and feel at ease. Moving can be difficult for littles, so it’s best to replicate as much of their typical surroundings as you can.
  13. If you don’t have enough moving help, hire a moving company. It’s an expense you won’t regret.

Enjoy your new home! The initial thought of moving can be overwhelming, and getting settled in is nothing less than a daunting chore. But once you’re in, you’ll be good to go!