I’m a woman, I love jewelry. Who doesn’t? But there is nothing cuter than jewelry for children. I love imagelittle bracelets & necklaces for kids and they look so adorable wearing them. If my three and a half year old didn’t try and pull everything off with such force, she’d wear at least a bracelet every day (but I don’t like broken jewelry). I found LetterKandy on Instagram and fell in love with the kid friendly charms and customizable designs. We received the cutest bracelets; my daugter’s has the quote ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ which totally fits imageher and mine has my initial, ‘C’, on it (I’m a sucker for monogram anything!). She loves that we match and has yet to try and yank hers off (it’s a miracle!).

LetterKandy is owned by Amy Whitman, the mother of 2 boys from New Jersey. All of her fun and imageunique jewelry is designed and
handmade in her studio. She can customize charms with up to 55 characters – the possibilities are endless! Her necklaces and bracelets are super affordable (starting at $25 for bracelets and $35 for necklaces) and colorful, as she likes to say they’re FUN jewelry, not fine jewelry. 😉 There are also adult sizes so mommies can partake in the fun! Add a charm with your child’s initial, name or birthdate for imagecustomized ‘mom’ jewelry – perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day! Changing the charms are super easy, too. Just wiggle and they’ll slide off to change up your style!

Amy is so kind, she is offering a promo code for 10% off our Burrito Buzz readers! Just enter code: BBUZZ for your discount! Follow LetterKandy on Instagram @letterkandy, on Facebook – Letterkandy and on Twitter @letterkandy for upcoming sales and previews of new designs! Visit www.letterkandy.com to order!

– Casey


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