IMG_20160409_093556441KidCompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS are teething necklaces for children and young adults who chew on things and/or are fidgety.

The company’s product was designed by a mom for her child. She noticed her daughter was constantly chewing on everything, and one day chewing on the newborn’s pendant nursing necklace. Her daughter was obviously using the chewing to calm herself and finding comfort in it, and so she began a company making “Chewlry” for children and adults with special needs.

They are bpa, phthalate, lead and latex free accessories made for children to teens. Unique tactile features help your child be him/herself, anytime, anywhere.”  The company takes alot of pride in being safe and environmentally safe. You can read more here on their website.

Pros: Very durable! These pendants are made for agest 3 (+), so  there isn’t much worry with your child being at school and swallowing a bead like necklace, or anything of the sort.

They are fun! They don’t look like a “mom” necklace or a baby’s! That is super important for older kids, you don’t want them to be more self conscious than  they already are.


Inside each  shape is a harder disk “dot” that keeps the whole product from bending and gives two fun textures to play with. There are also other smaller dots on the back to “offer interesting imagery possibilities.”

Easy to wash up. Warm water and a little soap is all that is needed. It is dishwasher safe if it gets really gross and you need to sanitize. I just don’t like the residue that can be left from my dishwasher sometimes. (We have VERY HARD water!)

The clasps on the lanyards are  not like the usual round break away clasps. They are flat so they lay flat and aren’t bulky. So, it wont draw attention to your child.

“Our custom made breakaway clasp is small and lays flat. It was designed specifically for children to ASTM “release strength” standards and is a safety feature that will make necklaces release if caught or snagged on something.” <<<< Seriously, A LOT of research and time went into these products! You can learn SO MUCH more and purchase here!

Cons: The ONLY con that I have for this product, is that it is technically only ages 3+. My 2 year old LOVES to chew on things, although she is not special needs, and some times I worry about her chewing on things as she could swallow pieces if she were to break the teether. That is the only complaint we have though. She was perfectly content sitting with me chewing on it, and was rather upset when I took it when I walked away!

A great find and a MUST if you have a child with special needs!

The company was awesome enough to send us product, but they also appreciate our readers!

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