Tiny little baby, welcome to the world

In my belly you’re no longer curled

Days and days I could spend staring

My love for you I am declaring

Once they placed you on my chest

I knew that I was so very blessed

The only thing that I demand

Is baby hats be forever banned

Locking in your intoxicating smell

Someone take it off before I yell

Now it’s off and I’m in heaven

I wish I could sniff you 24/7

From that very first whiff

You’ve had my senses in a tiff

There is nothing like it I am sure

I pray they can’t find a cure

I am now fully addicted

I hope you’re not feeling constricted

I don’t want to smother you

But seriously, if you only knew

How delicious your scent is to me

It fills my heart with so much glee

Yes it’s true, you’re mom’s a creep

I like to smell you while you sleep

– Creepy Mom Casey