IfYouTakeAMomToTargetBurritoBuzzIf you take a mom to target she will ask for a cup of coffee.

When you give her the coffee, she’ll probably ask you for a cake pop.

When she’s finished she’ll ask for the dollar bins.

Then she’ll want to look in a mirror, to be sure she likes her new sunglasses.

When she looks in the mirror, she might notice she needs a purse. So she’ll probably ask for a pair of high heels to go with it.

When she’s finished giving herself a guilt trip about how she doesn’t need the purse, she’ll want to start sifting over the new clothes.

Her toddler will run through every rounder.

They might knock a pile over as well.

When she’s done chasing the toddler she’ll want a nap.

She’ll have to go through the baby section.

With two boxes of diapers and some wipes she will creep into the baby clothes and wander from side to side a few times.

She will probably tell you to look away as she disappears into the storage solution isle.

You will find her stopped to catch up scanning everything into her Cartwheel app.

She’ll ask to see the throw pillows.

When she looks at all the throw pillows, she’ll get so excited she’ll want to design a new room all on her own.

She’ll ask for candles and frames.

She’ll find a picture.

When her new room is finished in her head, she’ll want to make sure she gets coffee beans, creamer, and milk for home.

Looking around in the refrigerator section will remind her that she came for the paper towels that she is out of in the kitchen.


You’ll get the paper towels and head to the door.

You will check out, and chances are you’re now broke.

You’ll get home.

She’ll realize she is still tired and ask for some Starbucks….

…..and chances are…..

If she asks for the coffee she will want to go to Target to get it.