I am always trying to find the latest and greatest baby products for my babies, and to share with our amazing readers. One of the moms here at BurritoBuzz opened my eyes to all of the junk in your typical Johnson & Johnson baby wash and I can’t go back. Since then, I have been using organic, natural and chemical free products on my babies! If you want to learn a little about the chemicals found in Johnson & Johnson’s baby products, you can read more here.

With that being said, finding a product that is organic, all natural, chemical free, cruelty free and at an affordable price is pretty hard. Shea Moisture’s baby line is all of that and more! manuka_provence_tile.png

I searched for a “nighttime lotion” that was good for my babies and I found Shea Moisture’s Nighttime Soothing Lotion. I quickly ended up purchasing the baby wash too!


Certified organic and natural ingredients

Cruelty free

No sulfates! This a big one for my lttle ones because they inherited my husband and I’s curly hair. Sulfates aren’t good for anyone but they do a number on curly hair!


No parabens

No mineral oil

No dyes

It smells DIVINE! I’m not even exaggerating, I use it myself sometimes and it’s just heaven. It’s not just a typical lavender nighttime lotion. Together the manuka honey, ylang ylang and lavender create a scent that will put anyone in dream land!

The price is right! $9.99 for the lotion and $9.99 for the Shampoo & Bath Milk. If you compare that to other organic/all natural brands that is priced really well! I must not be the only parent loving it, because Amazon and their website is sold out, but you can still snag it on the links above on Target’s website.

Not only is the product itself fabulous, but the company is, too! I love promoting strong ethical companies that are doing good things! 10% of your purchase goes to community commerce programs. The company helps fund  women-led businesses, support the communities that supply ingredients for their products and/or to support The Sofi Tucker Foundation. If you want to learn more, you can read about the ways Shea Moisture gives back on their website. It really is a great program.

Cons: I have zero complaints about these products! It moisturizes and cleanses without making my sensitive-skinned babies break out and it keeps them smelling fresh until they decide to sludge applesauce through their hair.

I only have one complaint… It’s really hard to find!

I originally found it at Target and it was the only bottle. Thankfully, when I was running low on the lotion there was one bottle on the shelf when I went back. It’s not on Amazon and their site is sold out also.

I really want to try the Baby Nighttime Soothing Slumber Mist, but like I said, the whole line is hard to find. I did find it on Amazon, but it was almost $10 more than what they have it listed for on their site. I still might order it… Yes, this stuff is that good! SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Provence Lavender Baby Nighttime Soothing Slumber Mist 4 oz

The entire line is a registry must! I give it 5 stars!

I will keep a look out if Amazon or somewhere else gets it in stock, and I will be sure to update.

Have fun snuggling those delicious smelling babies!

– Amanda