When C walked into my room one morning at 6 am with a nonchalant “I just get out mommy”, I knew I was in trouble. I was actually in so much disbelief that I put him back IN his crib and told him to show me… and seriously, he just climbed out like he had been doing it his whole life. So now what?

“I could bungee cord baby gates to the top of his crib?”
“I could bungee cord HIM to his crib?”
“Duct tape?”

Panic set in and I had no ideas that wouldn’t constitute child abuse, a friend of mine put me in contact with The Naughty Monkey.

How ingenuous! Kids typically escape their cribs by kicking one leg over and then doing some crazy toddler ninja moves to escape. The Naught Monkey sleeper stops it before it starts. With a triangle shaped piece of fabric sewn between the legs, it still allows for movement but doesn’t allow for the “kick over” motion.


The Naughty Monkey uses top of the line brands and materials and the strength of the stitching is absolutely phenomenal! They have products for both boys and girls and in some cute and unique patterns.

Their price point is a little high. It sells for $35 (plus shipping), although still high, they offer an “up-cycled” option selling for $30.

Overall, I’d give this 4 out of 5 stars, with the fifth star well within reach if the price point dropped slightly.