**This is not about the candidates. This is about the importance of voting, especially if you’re a woman and mother. I am not looking to debate candidates or the issues. So if you’re looking for one, please look elsewhere.**

As you all know, a yuuuuuuge election is coming up on November 8th. In just under 40 days, we are going to elect a new president. And for the next 4 years, he or she is going to decide which direction our country will go in. This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly fullsizerenderor for granted. I’ve heard a lot of fellow women and mothers say that they weren’t voting. Who wants to vote between two crappy candidates, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Women fought for decades upon decades here in the US and around the world to be able to vote. Not until August 20th, 1920 did the 19th Amendment give us the right to vote – also known as woman suffrage. Women didn’t have a lot of the same rights as men, that is why our female ancestors, fought so hard for us to have a say in who runs our country. Almost one hundred years ago, we couldn’t vote. Why would anyone choose not to exercise that right is beyond me. You cannot take your right to vote for granted.

Around the world, there are millions of women who are denied an education. Women can’t show their face in some countries. In others, men control everything and women have no rights whatsoever. We are so lucky to live in this great nation and have the right to choose those in office. From mayors to governors, congressmen and congresswomen to the President of the United States of America. As women, we have to use this time every four years to shout our vote from the rooftop for all of the women around the world who are oppressed and not fortunate enough to have rights that we do.

And I get it. I really do. The two front runners in this year’s election aren’t the best. But it doesn’t matter. Find that one candidate that most lines up with your beliefs. Look into the
jfkthird party candidates. 
Do your own research. The media is incredibly biased so you cannot believe everything you read or hear. There is so much out there on both candidates that isn’t true or exaggerated, but you have to figure it out yourself and sift your way through all the bullshit to make a educated decision.

If you think it’s too late to register to vote, it’s not. Click here to register, it’s super quick and easy. What if you don’t know if you’ll make it to the polls November 8th? Get your absentee ballot here so you can make your vote count and not have to trek out that Tuesday. Again, super easy to do. There are no excuses. It’s so important to get out there and use your vote that millions of women before us fought so hard for.

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – 32nd President of the United States

Check out vote.gov for more information about voting.

– Casey