Kids love to pretend. Playing with pretend kitchens and pretend food seems like its a milestone for all children. The problem is, those big bulky play kitchens. They never match the decor, they take up tons of space and they’re just overall bulky and cumbersome.  Pop-Oh-Ver is here to change that. Pop-Oh-Ver playsets turn any ordinary (sturdy) dining room chair into a kitchen (or countertop) play set. It’s pretty simple, pretty innovative and overall pretty much a game changer in the imagination world.

We received the counter top, the stove top, the baking food set, the fruits and vegetables, the pretend food set, the pots and pans and the master chef set and it has kept Cayden and Gabriel busy for hours!

Assembly was…well, not as easy as I was thinking. The box shows it in 8 steps and while this is accurate it’s not as simple as it’s depicted. It took me a few tries to get it straights and on there correctly.

The counter top set features a shelf for storage and a “blender”. The stove set features a microwave door and over door which “open and close” and has “knobs”. While you can’t place anything in the oven, it still allows for pretend play with the door. Storage is easy as the items fold up but I have never been able to get them back into their box. The food is soft and great quality and the pots and pans are food grade stainless steel.

The play sets run $39.95 while the accessories run between $19.95-29.95 depending on the set you purchase.

Overall, 4 out of 5. I think the price is a little higher then I would be willing to pay, but the quality and concept-it’s really good.