Meet The Mom




I’m a 27 year old wife, mom and step-mom living the crazy (yet rewarding) life of a stay at home mom to a blended family of 7, (counting our 1 angel baby) I welcomed Cayden into the world in early 2013 and about a year after he was born I ventured into the single mom life in order to provide what was the best for him. I met Danny in college and knew he was the one. I took on the title of step-mom to Ethan and Kaili and treat them no different than I do my own. Danny and I knew we wanted just one more kiddo to spoil and love and got pregnant immediately. Unfortunately, our angel was lost too soon. I suffered a very devastating miscarriage in September of 2016. We got pregnant again 3 months later and we just welcomed our rainbow baby Gabriel in September 2017. My kids and husband are my life and although I think I have more grey hairs than the typical twenty-something year old, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

My writings will include struggles with family blending, pregnancy loss, the life as a stay at home mom, labor and delivery, combating numerous food allergies with my little one and a few product reviews of things I’ve learned to love and hate. Essentially, my goal is to help moms who, like me, have so many questions and have turned to the internet for answers.

– Kirstyn



11 thoughts on “Meet The Mom

  1. hi i’m working for a part time internship for a website which gives inspiration to the new generation to follow their passions. Can i get any or all of your interviews? would you send me your email id so that i can contact you personally and send the questionnaire? thank you for your valuable time.


  2. How I wish there had been something like this when I had my first son! Parenting is rewarding but filled with worries and concerns at times, how wonderful to have support and understanding when you want to stamp your feet and wail “no one said it would be like this” as you pace the floor at 3.00am with a child that never sleeps 😨 I have 4 children, various ages, eldest 23 and youngest 7 – in their own way they keep me on my toes 😃


  3. I’m very inspired by reading your posts. I love children & babies. Mine are 22- girl and 25- boy. They are doing great, college grads with exciting jobs. But many times were challenging and I miss the days they were young.
    Though I wouldn’t trade anything for the life I have today.


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