Lucky Baby 3-in-1 Baby/Toddler Safety Harness Review


It’s so amazing when your new little baby is finally old enough to sit up on their own! That means you can start bringing them into stores and restaurants without that huge, heavy infant car seat. Such a burden lifted away! Like many new moms, with my first son we had a cart cover that we would put over the portion of the cart the baby sits in. But there were a few times the straps on the cart were broken or just not there! Now what? We, of course, never noticed this until all our stuff (diaper bag, purse, coupon binder, re-usable shopping bags…yeah I take a lot with me to the store :/) were all in the cart and ready to go. So we had to take out the baby, take everything out of the cart and go find one that had the straps intact. What a nightmare! Especially when my husband stopped being able to accompany us to the store, so that meant that I had to do all this hunting and putting together by myself with a baby in my arms.

Well, needless to say like every mom out there, I learned some lessons and tried some new things once baby boy #2 came along! The thought struck me one day at the zoo while my youngest (16 months old at the time) was throwing his biggest fit of the day over sitting on my lap for lunch versus sitting in a provided highchair right next to me. The rest of us (me, my husband and our oldest son) were all sitting in chairs around the table and my husband had removed a chair in order to place the highchair next to me. Big mistake! Turns out our youngest just wanted to sit in the chair (or my lap) with the rest of us but like many young toddlers, he wasn’t still in the least bit! That drive home I looked up portable high chairs so the lunch situation would not happen again! is a great place to get baby items and was the first place I looked when I came across the Lucky Baby 3 -in- 1 Baby/Toddler Safety Harness! Available in 2 colors, Swifty Black and Patriot (which we got) for only $26.99 on Amazon Prime, it was a deal we could not pass up, specially concerning that I’m going to Disneyland after Thanksgiving with my family this year and it is always a good idea to pack prepared for anything (like no highchairs presented). What really caught my eye was the fact that it serves 3 purposes and I have not meant a mom yet that does not enjoy a baby/kid items that can be used for multiple things!


Walking Harness:

This part had me confused when I read the instructions but it’s so easy! Hold up the leg holes into the waistband, place around your child’s chest and loosen the straps (if they’re still tight from using it as a high chair or cart strap). There is a nifty loop in the middle where both ends of the straps come together.



Portable Highchair and Cart Safety Strap:

So you have your baby place their legs in the leg holes and tighten the Velcro waistband (not too tight because the baby will get hurt, but also tight enough the waistband will not fall off). Then simply sit the baby on the chair/cart and unbuckle the two straps and re-buckle them around the chair’s/cart’s back. The only issue I have had is the buckle is hard to squeeze because it has that middle button you are suppose to press as well as the 2 side buttons. But once the straps are around the chair/cart, you simply pull them until they are tight enough around the chair/cart!

I LOVE this product! It was well made, washable (every baby item should be!) and folds up nicely to fit in my purse/diaper bag/ car kit/ whatever. We never go anywhere without it! It has become a staple in our diaper bag, one of those products I wish I had found sooner and a product I plan on gifting to my friends in the next coming months! It works as a walking harness for bot my 5 year old (when we are in crowded areas and we don’t want to lose him) and my youngest loves it, he stops and puts his arms up whenever we bring it out with us. We bring it even when we bring the stroller because baby boy is wanting more and more to run with his brother and dad, so this harness is perfect for our family! You can find the product here.