Nuun: Hydrating Electrolyte Tablets {Review}

Before I was a wife and mom, I was an athlete. I like to think that I am still an athlete some days, so when I discovered this product, my inner athlete was drawn to it. The convenience of a simple tablet put into water with tNunhe purpose of hydrating, replenishing electrolytes, and providing an energy boost was super appealing. I quickly contacted Nuun and lucky for us, they were eager to share their product with the BurritoBuzz Moms.

Nuun is based out of Seattle and over the course their 12 year history, have become “the #1 selling sports drink tab in the cycling, running, and outdoor specialty marketplaces.” I know what you’re thinking, we aren’t athletes. We’re moms. It doesn’t matter. Our sport is life. There are so many days where we feel like we have basically competed in the Olympics, just in the comfort of our own homes, surrounded by our rowdy kids. It is so important for moms to stay healthy and hydrated for our families and ourselves!

“Clean Product, Clean Planet, and Clean Sport” are the principles Nuun strives to abide by, which I think speaks volumes in a world filled with artificial products harming people and our planet. Nuun tablets feature plant-based ingredients, are gluten free, vegan, soy/dairy free, low calorie, contain no preservatives, and are packed with valuable electrolytes. Sounds legit, right? They’re not packed with sugar and artificial sweeteners like so many other products.


Nuun offers different varieties based on your needs. We sampled Nuun Active and Nuun Energy. The products were similar, but the Energy variety does have green tea extract for an added caffeine boost. A friend of mine, who is a competitive runner, sampled the Nuun Active and said “it was perfect for both before and after my long runs” and “it actually tasted really good!” They also untitledhave a Plus for Nuun (can be added during endurance activities) and Nuun All Day Hydration. Nuun All Day Hydration is perfect for busy, on-the-go individuals, like moms, who want to make sure they are getting all the right minerals and vitamins along with the appropriate hydration to stay healthy for their families. I will definitely be ordering my own here.

You’re probably wondering what the Nuun tablets taste like. If you’re thinking this product sounds great so there’s no way it can taste good, you’d be wrong. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed the different flavors. The flavors were very refreshing and not overpowering. Some of their options include orange, tri-berry, citrus fruit, and lemon lime. When you purchase a Nuun tube, you get 10 tablets. Each tablet then goes on to dissolve in 16 oz of water. My only complaint would be that the tablets do take a few minutes to completely dissolve, so be patient! But it’s well worth the wait!

You can purchase Nuun and read all about their mission and products by visiting their website here. They also have an awesome comparison of all of their different products on this page. Nuun is also available on Amazon – Nuun Active, Nuun Energy, and Plus for Nuun.

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– Megan

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Deuter Hiking Pack {Review}

My husband and I did a fair amount of hiking before having our son. Nothing too crazy, but usually just enough terrain to necessitate a hiking pack for taking our toddler out now. At 14 months old now, we hope to really get him out in nature this summer, so we needed a good hiking pack.

We decided to get a Deuter Pack, specifically the Kid Comfort Air. There are only a few brands that have name credibility as far as hiking packs for children go, but Deuter is top of the list and has amazing ratings across the board.

Why did I select this pack? Primarily, comfort for myself and my son. This pack is adjustable in every aspect, offers lumbar support for the adult, mesh lining so both you and your little one stay cool, great padded straps and padded straps and seat for your little one. I particularly loved the chin/head rest for the baby/toddler that’s riding along. The seat offers a five-point harness to keep your little one safe and snug, and is wonderfully adjustable to keep them comfortable.

The pack has some great extras: good storage, offering multiple pockets and storage spaces, loops to hook items on to, a kickstand to assist with setting your child down while in the pack, and my personal favorite, foot straps for your child to rest their feet in (my guy loves to try to stand in the pack, or re-center his gravity by just flexing his legs.)

The side-entry option makes it incredibly simple to get your child into the pack. Within a matter of seconds I had my son in the pack, strapped in, and adjusted properly. He had no interest in getting out of it, and in fact, I cooked dinner one night with him in the pack because he loved it so much.

The pack is recommended for children that can sit up unassisted and hold their head up. The weigh limit should not exceed 45lbs. The pack itself is incredibly light, at only 6lbs. It easily folds up for storage and transport. The two handles make it easy to both carry, and assist with lifting to pull the pack on to your back (though, I’ve found that sitting on a bench or seat makes this infinitely easier to put on when alone.)

The pack is shockingly sturdy. The material is easy to clean, anti-chaf, durable, and comes in good, gender-neutral colors. The frame is also incredibly sturdy.

There are several accessories that can be purchased for this pack, too. A sun shade and weather shade are both options, which we will likely purchase in the future.

Depending on where you’re purchasing, this pack will run you around $240. A fairly standard price for a good pack, and in my opinion worth every penny.

Overall, this pack is five stars in my book. A great, worthwhile purchase that will get us out into nature and hiking comfortably!

Thanks to Deuter for a wonderful product!

Want to purchase your own?:
Deuter Kid Comfort Air – Granite/Emerald


Work it.

13 Jan 2010, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA --- Pregnant Hispanic woman lifting dumbells --- Image by © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

I’ve never been the most athletic, the most fit, or the most motivated. I have, however, tried to work on fitness most of my life. In high school I played tennis a lot, went to the gym a few times a week. College came around and my focus shifted mostly to beer, but I still managed to workout a few times a week. Before I found out I was pregnant I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week and felt pretty good about it. One of my first pregnancy symptoms was major dizziness, which started at the gym. I found myself working out less, and my crippling five months of morning sickness made it nearly impossible to work out. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was still going, but mostly walking my large cankles around tracks and doing slow cardio on Arc machines and ellipticals.

After having Lucas I really was anxious to get back to the gym. I got the okay, and started back up. But in all honesty, I had no energy. Lucas didn’t sleep much, I was working, running a business, and trying to keep up with all of the other household chores.

My YMCA membership has been severely neglected.

And working out at home? Not happening. It’s not that I don’t try, but I get about a solid three minutes of exercise in before Lucas is hungry, in to something he shouldn’t be, or needs a diaper changed.

I love being his mom. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my entire life. I would give up all of my gym trips for the rest of eternity for him.

Now that there is very little “me” time, including going to the gym, I’m sitting here now thinking “how do I get fit again?”

Dropping the lbs. and being fit are two different things, my friends. I dropped all those baby lbs within weeks of having Lucas. Now the muscles I used to have? They’re mostly gone, and that can only be cured by some good weight training.

I am the person totally skeeved out by the thought of child care at the gym. I’m sure they’re all very capable individuals, but with my little guy not being able to talk yet and verbalize what his needs are, I’m just uncomfortable. That, and I’m a total germ-a-phobe with trying to keep him healthy. Because let’s face it, as a working mom I don’t have the time to take days off. I decided that around a year old I’ll hopefully be willing to take him there for an hour or two…

My husband and I have tried to set up schedules so that both of us can get to the gym. They’ve mostly failed, because life happens. 

So my game plan: keep trying. Keep trying, and try not to beat myself up on the days that I don’t workout. Because being a parent is HARD and 24/7. Those tiny humans always come first. As much as I want to go do some major sweating on the Arc trainer while watching HGTV, it’s vastly less important to have nice triceps than it is to spend time with my guy.

So for now, my 3 minute workouts will have to cut it. The nights I get to the gym? Great. The nights I don’t? Fine. I’ll snuggle my sweet boy and know that soon enough he’ll be able to work out alongside me.

Some things that I’ve found to be successful:baby-plank

  1. Go on a walk/jog with your baby. Most little ones are totally thrilled to be outside in the stroller.
  2. Do some baby-wearing while you workout. We do squats, lunges, Zumba, etc. Chances are good that your little one will fall asleep from all of the movement.
  3. Find some exercises that can incorporate baby. Planks, arm raises, sit-ups. There are plenty of YouTube videos with instructions on how to work out with your baby.
  4. Make chasing your baby into a workout for you. Do some leg raises while you’re crawling around chasing that speedster around.

Good luck, mommas! Take care of yourselves and those little ones!