The Registry Items BurritoBuzz Moms Can’t Live Without!


I don’t know about you, but I loved doing my baby registry! I was so excited to plan and prepare for my baby! Well, as months passed after BK#1 arrived, I realized I had forgotten a few items! Even worse, seeing a friend have one item that does what 10 of yours does!

The BurritoBuzz moms got together and compiled a list of “must have” items that we just couldn’t live without!


NURSERY 3Z-Neutral-Nursery

Rock N Play – A sleeper that is inclined to help with reflux, rocks to soothe back to sleep, portable to move from room to room, vibrates, and the cover is machine washable! All of our moms have used this and would purchase it again! MUST for those first few months.

Pack n play with a bassinet – Like a Graco Play yard. It’s great alternative instead of a typical bassinet in your room. You have changing table, storage, and bed all right there.

Aden and Anais Swaddles – Get them from a Boutique near you so you get the high quality. {Boutiques get the ones that are bigger and thicker than the ones in a chain store.}

BATH & DAIPERING Honest-Diapers-preview.jpg

A&D Diaper cream It works for everything! Prevents and soothes diaper rash!

Boppy changing pad linersThese are AMAZING! It’s a waterproof liner to put on top of your pretty pad cover! Pee or poo mess? Just toss it in the wash! So much nicer than having to buy multiple covers.

Diapers – Buy more than you think you need, and put every size on your registry!

BurritoBuzzGear.pngGEAR 4e22c8d190bb67b13738a150f01329b2a44687ba57a641eed395734335c4d99b.jpg

Diaper Bag– We all have our favorites, but be sure to get one with a lot of space and pockets. Back pack style is a life saver if you have more than one child!

SwingThe Fisher Price Swing is great! Its mobile, small, entertaining, and keeps a fussy baby happy! By far my favorite swing on the market, and it’s much cheaper than most!

Infant to Toddler Chair– One like this is a must. Your baby will love sitting in anything that is not theirs, and having something that is safe for them is important! The swings and newborn items are essential, but aren’t safe after 20 or so pounds.

Good Monitor – This is not an item you want to cheap out on. The cheap ones are just that- CHEAP! They don’t last, and you will be kicking yourself when it dies in 6 months. I have tired multiple simple radio monitors, video “baby” monitors, and we have finally found our favorite! It’s the GE wireless Monitor. We have cameras in two rooms, it’s still a radio frequency (no creeps hacking in this house), and its works great!

Infant Carrier Car Seat -30 + lbs.! When you have a 3 month old that is 20 lbs. chances are you don’t feel comfortable putting them in a convertible car seat, and if the weather if cold and gross you don’t want them exposed to the elements. Finding a higher end seat that will last,  is well worth your money.

Car mirrorThese have been a life saver! Neither of my kids like the car! If they start getting fussy I can click the garage door-like button and start some music and lights to distract them! We bought one two years ago, and another when BK#2 was born and I seriously can’t live without!

Stroller – You will want one that is sturdy and that has varying levels of height for your baby! A click and connect stroller is nice, because it lasts from birth to 50 lbs!

Soft structured Carrier. – Baby wearing has saved our lives! Skin to skin soothes any baby! it helps with reflux, lets you get things done….The list goes on for days. Tula is one of our favorites!


Baby Care & Play FarmPhoto_large

Gas drops – alcohol free gas drops! Little remedies works wonders!

Natural body wash and lotion –The more you read the more you will hate buying the popular lines of things for your child! I promise! Check out this post to find out more!

Teethers – Teething is a nightmare. Put a dozen different types on your registry, and literally have dozens, because you will want them everywhere, and you will want to wash them daily!

Taggy – Taggy’s soothe my babies so easily! They are cute, easy to pop in the wash, and make the baby happy! Taggies Pal and Taggies lovey are our favorites!

BurritoBuzzFeeding.jpgFEEDING df7fe0bd6d980024cf8cd63b0f2cf6b8.jpg

Lanolin – Lansinoh brand is the best you can get! If you are planning on nursing be sure to stock up. You can read more why here.

Nursing Pillow– Even if you are not nursing, a “nursing” pillow is great for feeding, propping and play!

Bottles –MAM seem to be the unanimous favorite! They are a little bit pricey, but start there to alleviate/ prevent any type of reflux.

PacifierSoothie or MAM (These MAM ones glow in the dark! If your baby will take them try them first!)  are the favorites around here! I said I never wanted my babies to have them….I quickly changed my mind at 3 am day 4 of my first baby. I promise they wont go to college with them, and with some tough love in a year you can break them of it!

Burp clothsGerber diapers! If you have a baby that spits up at all the “burp clothes” are more like wash cloths,  and don’t do ANYTHING! Save yourself time and money, and just buy the diapers. They are white, so if you need to you can bleach them, and they are super absorbent!

Breast PumpsManual single (for on the go) and Double electric –Medela. The BurritoBuzz mommas have tried multiple brands and we will just save you time and money and tell you ITS NOT WORTH IT buying the cheaper ones! And 99.9% of the time your insurance will cover one!

Medela hands free pump bra – If you are a working mother this is crucial! You tend to only get a 15 minute break to pump in, and that tends not to be enough! This is a time saver! You can hook up, eat, check your email, or even just sit at your desk and pump if you have your own office! (When I worked when BK#1 was little,  I made a sign like this to hang on my office door, so I didn’t even have to think about someone walking in!)BurritoBuzzClothing.jpg

CLOTHING Baby-Clothes-Nursery-Organization-71

Halo sleep sack – IF your baby is like mine, he hated being swaddled, but also hated being cold! This is a life saver!

Zip up nighties – I am not sure why they even make button ones. Don’t buy them, and ask people NOT to buy them. GET THE ZIP UP ones! In the middle of the night you wont want to fumble with the buttons, and when you see that you missed one you wont care, but then you will go fix your sleeping baby in fear they will get a draft and be cold. These for example!

Socks– There are simply never enough! They get lost so much easier than adult socks.

Onsies – I put them under most outfits to keep the baby warm and cozy!

Mitts– I hated the way these looked, but the first time your baby scratches themselves in the face you will never go without a baby mitt!

untitled (13)*More clothes than you think you will need* <<< And take a look at sizing before you start buying clothes. Its super frustrating, and if you know before hand it will make it a little easier to shop for your LO. 


I can almost guarantee we forgot something, but we went over this list multiple times and between the 5 of us you should be covered!!

Be sure to use a good checklist when making your first registry, so you don’t forget the basics that we might not have mentioned!

What was your favorite baby item? What did you have to go buy that you didn’t get?

~Amanda and the BurritoBuzz Momma’s




Reflux Tips that Helped Us

baby-uneven-cribOur LO was diagnosed with reflux & silent reflux at just a few weeks old. The first few weeks of his life were marked with frequent clothing changes, totally sleepless nights, switching formulas and medicines, choking episodes, and Googling all night to see how other parents survived and got their LO regulated and comfortable. We spent a solid month or more trying to get Lucas comfortable so that he could sleep for more than 2 hours in any one period of time. Some of the things that helped us:

  1. Be ready to make feeding changes.
    1. Expect that if you’re breastfeeding, you will likely be on an elimination diet. Your doctor can help you coordinate this to figure out what to get rid of first; most often, the first step is eliminating dairy. Be open to supplementing in some formula if necessary– some babies have reflux that requires soy, neocate, alimentum, nutramigen or otherwise.
    2. Also, if formula feeding, expect to test several before you find the right one for your LO. We ended up using a sensitive solution formula during the day, and Enfamil AR with added rice starch at night to really prevent any of that silent reflux so he could sleep. It was the safest solution for us, since we weren’t ready to venture into oatmeals or thickeners.
    3. When using a formula with added rice starch, you will often need to add in some kind of juice to your LOs diet to keep them regular. For us, it was 2 ounces of apple juice mixed in the bottle in the morning and again at night.
  2. Talk to other moms, doctors, and nurses.
    1. RefluxRebels is a great place to start. These are moms battling the same issues day in and day out. For us, it was our go-to.
    2. Call your doctor. And call again. And again. Sometimes their solution won’t be the right one for your baby.
    3. Talk to the nurses. Often they’ll be more candid and willing to tell you what other moms have done to help.
  3. Incline incline incline! 
    1. After your LO eats, hold them upright. Most recommend 30 minutes, but I found 10-15 to be enough (and really, it’s difficult to stay awake for an additional 30 minutes when you’re sleep deprived. By the time you feed your LO, hold them upright, and get yourself back to sleep… you’re getting maybe 45 minutes of sleep.)
    2. Invest in something to keep your LO propped up when sleeping. I highly recommend the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play, but other options include the Dex Wedge and crib elevation, and an inclined bassinet. I’ve written up product reviews of both on this site. There are also hospital-grade products that help keep your LO inclined in the crib… none of which we tried. Most are beyond expensive, and we were lucky that other inclining options worked well for us.
    3. Get a baby carrier. I recommend the Tula of the Ergo 360. It’s an easy way to keep your LO upright and still get things done. I wear my Tula all the time.
  4. Get the facts, and don’t be afraid to medicate/do testing.
    1. I was exceptionally skeptical when my pediatrician said we needed to medicate. Medicine for a tiny baby? Ah! I just didn’t know. I did so much research, and finally decided that the benefits outweighed the risks.
    2. Keep in mind, most reflux medications are weight sensitive. Meaning, if you think you’re LO has gained some weight, call in and get the prescription changed.
  5. Buy clothes that are easy to change.
    1. Zipper outfits for days. One piece, easy to change. You’ll go through many in a day.
    2. Burp clothes? Try the cloth diaper clothes that come in packs of 10 instead. Larger, more absorbent. Gerber makes great ones that you grab at Babies R Us
  6. Invest in some good bottles, even if breastfeeding.
    1. Keeping air out of a reflux baby’s tummy is so important. Many moms choose Dr. Brown or Mam bottles. (We prefer Mam.)
    2. Even if EBF, many moms choose to feed from a bottle that is designed to help the refluxers.
    3. Get a lot… as many as you can afford to get. Sometime reflux babies “cluster feed” where they’ll want small meals many times close together. Other times their reflux pains make them think they’re hungry. Either way… lots of babas.
  7. Know your limits.
    1. Being a new parent is hard. Being a new parent of a baby with reflux is totally draining. Know when you need a break and take it.
    2. It’s hard to leave reflux babies in the care of others. They have routines, very specific important routines. They also have choking episodes. It’s so so crucial to have at least one person that knows the routines and the ins and outs of your baby. Have someone come over for a day or two and spend the entire day with you guys to learn the ropes. (For me, this was my mom. She knew Lucas as well as I did, and could handle anything he threw at her.)
  8. Know that reflux is beyond your control.
    1. You can do everything right, and sometimes you’ll still end up in the hospital. Your LO can “fail to thrive” or stop eating, or just be totally beyond consolable. Remember that you are still a good parent and doing everything in your power to help them.
    2. Snuggle those babies. Sometimes they just need to be held. They don’t understand why they don’t feel well, and sometimes some extra snuggles just help to keep them content.
  9. Eventually, it will stop.
    1. It might not be this week, or next month, or within the year, but eventually your LOs reflux will stop. For us, it was 6 months. For others, it’s two years. Rest assured, this too shall pass.
    2. Use all the resources you need to get through it. Everyone constantly told me to stop researching online, but in reality my research was what finally got my LO regulated and comfortable. Sure, it makes for some sleepless nights, but as parents we just want to help our babies as much as possible.
  10. Reflux and food allergies can go hand-in-hand…
    1. Unfortunately, reflux and food allergies are often synonymous. Our LO had a lactose issue, but as you’ll see on the forums– the food allergies are limitless.
    2. This doesn’t mean your LO will ALWAYS have a food allergy. Our pediatrician advised us that most infants with lactose problems will outgrow it by the age of 2. Only about 10% continue to have sensitivities.

Good luck, mommas! It’s a hard road. Network and talk to others, because it’s the only way that we got through reflux with any sanity left. 


The Snuza!

I hate when people say “oh, you’re a first time parent. You won’t stress as much with the second.” 1. That implies you know I’m having a second, which is silly considering you don’t know my mindset on having a second or my reproductive ability to necessarily have a second. 2. You assume that I wouldn’t care about a second as much as I cared about my first. I totally get that adding more children means adding more chaos, but I want a happy, healthy child no matter the circumstances. *Steps off soap box.*

So, as a parent, I wanted to take every precaution possible. We all are told about SIDS and “back to sleep” to keep babies on their backs when sleeping/napping during the day. It’s absolutely terrifying. We do everything in our control to keep our babies safe… and you’re telling me my baby could just STOP BREATHING for not good reason in the middle of the night?! AH! So, I did some research and found that there are several things to help us parents sleep without worry. There are hospital grade baby monitors, but they are expensive and usually require a medical condition to obtain. I had heard of an AngelCare monitor– essentially a pad that lays under you LO as they sleep to monitor breathing. The reviews are mixed, at best, with customers saying that the monitor pad doesn’t cover enough surface area.

41s1T4dqdXL._AA160_ 41J7i5W0tGL._AA160_

So, I continued on with my search and finally stumbled upon the Snuza. A tiny device that clips onto your LOs diaper, under their clothing. It has a soft silicon end that rests against the baby’s belly and monitors each breath. The light on the Snuza flashes each time your LO takes a breath, pretty cool. There are two versions: The Snuza Go! and the Snuza Hero. The difference? Once the Snuza detects no breathing motions for 15 seconds the Hero will vibrate to alert baby before sounding the alarm. The Go sounds the alarm immediately after 15 seconds. The Hero comes in slightly more expensive at $119 vs. the $86 Snuza Go (via Amazon

My mom purchased the Go! for us as a Christmas gift. It was possibly one of the best gifts we received. $86 for some peace of mind? Yes 100 times over. Our LO came home and immediately began wearing his Snuza at night and during naps. The biggest risk of SIDS is within the first 30 days, and then the first 6 weeks (the SIDS risk reduces greatly after 6 months.)

-Our LO never coslept. Was never sleeping with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, crib bumpers, or loose clothing. Always laid on his back to sleep.(All of which our pediatrician advises against. I am not a doctor, and as such… I go with my pediatrician’s advice on most things.)

-Always slept in something sleep approved (crib, pack n play, or the Rock n’ Play.)

Our guy had reflux pretty horribly. We were constantly fearful of him choking, and with good reason. It happened twice, and they were the scariest nights of our lives. Before we started inclining our guy to help with the reflux, he laid flat on his back and choked twice. We got to him in time, and while scary, he was okay each time. We were so steadfast in making sure he wore his Snuza every night, and we are so thankful for the extra security it provided us.

We used our Snuza until Lucas was about 4 months old, at which point he was rolling all over and the Snuza came loose too often. Thankfully, by this point he was outgrowing his reflux and could lift his head with no issue. We were comfortable and confident at that point in packing up the Snuza.

A few times, we did get a false alarm. Talk about hopping out of your bed quickly… nothing compounds chaos like a beeping alarm and a screaming baby. We quickly got this figured out, and realized that making his diaper tighter kept the Snuza in place successfully throughout the night.

Snuza batteries are pricey, but you can get them on Ebay instead of ordering them through Snuza. I’ve seen many reviews saying they have a short battery life, but we didn’t have to change ours even once. We ensured to turn it off after each use.

The company does offer an extended warranty free to anyone that reviews their product. Pretty cool.

The Snuza comes highly recommended from this household.

First time parent or not, some peace of mind is definitely worth $86 in my opinion.


Babas for the ‘Fluxers

Any reflux momma will tell you how important it is for reflux babies to avoid air in their bottles. Both a proper suction, and regular burping can significantly help being thrown up on moments after a bottle/nursing.

So– my reflux guy was bottle fed. It was easier for me to control how/what he was eating. Our first bottle was Avent, and let me tell you, those suckers filled my little guy with bubbles. You could actually see the bubbles he was sucking in while he was eating.

We switched to a Dr. Brown bottle very quickly. These bottles WORK, but the pieces and cleaning process is seriously daunting. I had to have 20 bottles just to get through two days, because each time you go to wash these bottles you’re easily devoting about an hour of your day. It’s not just the number of pieces, but also the complexity in cleaning. You take the bottle apart and have to use a small brush to get into all of those nooks and crannies. Even after scrubbing, I never fully felt like the bottles were clean because there are areas you can’t easily see. Below is an example of all of the pieces. The “disk” is just for travel to keep fluids in the bottle, so you’re not necessarily cleaning that piece every time.

Here are the inner workings of the Dr. Brown bottle (we just used the plastic version. Anywhere from $7-$8 each, or sometimes you can find 3 packs for $15-$17.) These also come in a smaller, 4 ounce size– but we used the 8 ounce.


So while the Dr. Brown bottle worked and helped reduce the air, I was seeking a solution for the hour spent at the kitchen sink washing these suckers. After some research and time spent on the Reflux Rebels page, I discovered MAM bottles. I’d never heard of them. Thankfully, I had a friend that let me try one free before purchasing them. The bottle has several pieces, as well. However, they are vastly easier to clean. No pipe brush to get into crevices. It was straightforward and the inner workings made bottle making much faster. The bottle appears very similar to your typical one, the difference is that MAM controls air with a seal in the bottom to suction out the excess air. I LOVE these bottles and use them every day now. I ended up purchasing 8 of the 9 ounce bottles, which gets me through about 2 days now. The really cool feature about these? They can self-sterilize if you’re travelling and need to quickly clean one. You need access to a microwave, and it takes about 2 minutes to clean and another 3-5 to cool down. Here is how to sterilize if you aren’t washing them:


You can also see all of the parts in this image. The base has the suction, and the collar and nipple are standard. So no air vent or air vent cap.

These bottles are about the same price as Dr. Brown’s. Running anywhere from $6-$7 a bottle most often.

The cons of Mam: I’ve found that if you don’t get the base screwed on really well, it can leak. Easy solution? Make sure you use some torque and you’ll be in good shape.

There are some other bottles out there on the market for reflux babies, but these are the two most proven, reviewed bottles out there. We will use our Mam bottles until we switch over to whole milk this winter!

Fisher Price Rock N’ Play

Alright, I said I’d do a review of the Rock N’ Play later… so here we go.

This may be one of the best gifts we received at our shower. Not only is it good for reflux babies, but for babies in general.

When your LO is little, you want them close by. Pack n’ Plays and cribs are huge for them! Babies aren’t used to being in wide open spaces. So, for the babies that struggle to adjust, and for the parents that want a few minutes more sleep… I give you the rock n’ play!

This rocker sits up higher than most infant seats. It has breathable mesh lining on the sides, so no worries of SIDS risk. It also has a vibrator (and I’ll be honest here… I think that rocking motions are far more soothing to babies than vibrations. But, that’s just in my experience.)

We kept the Rock n’ Play right next to the bed for the first several weeks. When Lucas would cry, and we knew he’d just been fed and diapered, we’d rock him in this until he went back to sleep.

The cons: Most of them are manual rocking, unless you spend some additional money for an auto-rocker. Secondly, I’m not sure how much “play” there really is to the Rock n’ Play. They have a weight limit of 25lbs, meaning that most infants will grow out of it before they’re playing too much.

The only other big con to me: the straps to buckle them in don’t tuck in if you don’t want to use them. We didn’t use the buckle for the first several weeks because our LO wasn’t squirmy (and this is a deep rocker.) They are nice to strap them in when they’re moving, but I wish they’d tucked in (similar to how the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler seat does.)

For reflux: many babies with reflux need to be elevated when laid down. This rocker is about a 45 degree angle, which is perfect to help acid stay down. It folds up easily, so it can be carried from room to room if needed (which we definitely did.)

The fabric is easy to take off and wash. There are tons of patterns to choose from.

Batteries in this lasted 6-8 weeks for me. Not great, but not terrible. Like I said, the vibration feature in this is an extra I could take or leave.

The Rock N’ Play will cost you anywhere from $40-$60 (more if you choose the auto-rocker.)

Definitely money well-spent. I would recommend this to any parent— but particularly those babies that are struggling with reflux/GERD.


The Dex Wedge

**Preface. I am NOT a medical expert. I can only advise what worked for us, and what was approved with our pediatrician. Ask your doctor before doing any of these things.

Having a baby with reflux often means getting your baby to fall asleep, and then waking them up instantly by laying them down flat. Just like adults, babies with reflux have a harder time when they aren’t propped up to aid in keeping that acid down. (If your LO is on a medication, Zantac, PPI, etc. you’ve likely solved the pain problem, but not the underlying reflux problem.)

When your little one is small, it’s easy to use a Rock N’ Play (review on that later) to help keep them elevated. The problem occurs when it’s time to transition into the crib.

For us, it was crucial to get our guy sleeping in his crib when I went back to work (at 8 weeks.)

The first few nights were horrible. Very. Little. Sleep.

After Googling like a psycho, I found several solutions to incline his crib safely. Some much more expensive than others. So as a momma on a budget, I tried the most fiscally responsible option first, the Dex Wedge.


The Dex wedge is just a slight incline. We ended up putting the Dex under the crib sheet. We rolled two towels and rubber-banded them on both ends and put them under the end of the mattress (safer than propping the crib legs.)

So, the first night: it worked O.K. But, having an LO that is a little stronger than what is typical at his age caused some problems. He slid down the wedge and was sideways within minutes (prompting me to rush in like a crazy person to make sure all was well.)

Solution? We nested him onto the wedge. They do this in hospitals quite often. But, I wanted the safest way possible (SIDS terrifies me, as it should any parent.)

We pulled up the crib sheet and made a “U” shape with rolled towels. Taped it down to the mattress and onto the wedge with packaging tape, and then pulled the crib sheet tight over it (keep in mind, you can’t have a super tight fitting sheet if you want the wedge and the nesting to fit under it.) The baby’s butt should rest in the bottom of the U, and armpits should be about where the rolled towels stop. It should be close to their body so that they can’t roll around. Outcome? Sleep. For all. The incline helped astronomically.

We gradually took the incline off from 4-5 months, because our little guy started rolling. As soon as your LO can flip, I’d recommend doing away with anything in their crib unless their reflux is still acting up.

Here is how we worked ours. As our LO grew, we had to adjust it here and there.

The Dex Wedge is very affordable. You can grab one on Amazon for about $25, or at your local Babies R Us or Walmart from $14-$16.