Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (Owl) {Product Review}

41A3db7wxoL._SY300_Why can’t products that are made for babies/ children last?!?!?!? Seriously, you will be a millionaire if you can make lasting, quality, and affordable products for children (their parents, and their nurseries)!

With this product, I read reviews, researched which type of humidifier would be best for my child, how to properly use it, etc before I made a purchase! I decided that this would be a great purchase.

It was. For a year.

Only a year!

Hello! Parents need products to last longer than their 30 day warranty, and almost always longer than a year!

Pros: Super cute design! And they have multiple other designs! It has a great control knob that lets you adjust the intensity of the mist. The tank is a 1 gallon tank that lasts well through the night and day, without having to refill. When the tank is empty the light turns from green to red, and automatically shuts off when the water tank is empty for safety.

Cons: If you don’t get the tank on exactly the way it has to sit, it leaks.

You HAVE to use distilled water in this. If you don’t, there will be a residue! “Does not require a filter” while that statement is true, unless you are pouring bottled water into this the tank, the bottom portion, and the top of the tank gets real gross, real quick!

I was okay with those problems, because after all it is in the product description. I didn’t realize at the time how annoying it would be, but those problems are stated in the manual.

Fast forward to a year after purchase, and this thing has my DH and I seeing red and in tears.

It leaks….and not just a little…like emptied its entire tank all over my toddler’s book shelf. {We had it placed on top of the book shelf, because there was a plug behind and it was high enough she couldn’t reach the knob}

The first time it happened, we both thought it was his fault. He was adjusting the knob, and we thought it was just up to high creating the water to pool up before it had a chance to evaporate. When we went to get BK#1 in the morning, there was water all over the floor and over half of her books were drenched and ruined. We managed to salvage some, IMG_20151121_090220230.jpgbut they definitely were not in the shape that she leaves them in. BK#1 LOVES books! She will sit for hours and let you read to her. She always picks a book over a toy, and she has her favorites! Not even two and our little toddler has a pretty good library going! Needless to say we were both VERY upset! But that’s life, they are just things, things can be replaced. Move on, it’s okay.

Yesterday, we woke up to the same disaster! Knowing I was the last one to touch it, I couldn’t be upset at anyone but myself, and I now know that gut wrenching feeling my husband had before. Examining the situation, I realized the knob was on the lowest setting, and when I picked up the unit more water poured out of the back! That was not supposed to happen! So, it wasn’t our fault! He didn’t have the knob up too high, and I didn’t put too much water in the tank!

This $45 unit has cost us at least $200 in books! Looking at websites again, and I am seeing the advertised pictures of this unit hilarious! It on a book untitled (6)shelf, with books next to it! ummmm DANGER! Move your precious books far away from this book assassin!

If I find a humidifier that I like I will let you readers know!

Do you have a favorite that won’t make me want to cry??





Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer {Product Review}

mc-148_1zI will say this, before I say anything else: I usually LOVE anything that Munchkin makes! The brand is a staple in our home! Bottle racks, potty seats, sound machine, baby gates, toys, sippy cups, teethers, and the list goes on of their products that we have, but this thing made me hotter than fire!

Pros: It is large, so all of the bath toys we have would have fit in it! They come in really bright colors, and I liked that because I wanted something to entice BK#1 to put away her own bath toys.

I am going to be honest, those are the only good things about this product.

Cons: It’s really pricey for the product you get. Its not worth $13!!! ! And it didn’t work….like, not even for 5 minutes. It has 4 suction cups to hold it up on the wall. So, I thought, that’s overkill, but will help it hold the weight of the toys! WRONG! Not one of the suction cups would stay on the wall for more than a minute. Don’t even try to put any toys in it, or it and the toys will go tumbling. My DH and I tried everything we knew short of supergluing it to the wall, and we even googled to see if we could figure out how to get the suction cups to stick! Not one thing worked!

I really wish that I would have read the reviews on this product before I purchased this, because they are all saying the same thing. But, it wasn’t a researched purchase. It was an “Oooo I could use this” at Target and in the cart it went. Oh, and I threw the box away, so I couldn’t even return it!

I didn’t get a chance to really use this organizer, but I don’t think it would have drained the water well from the toys. Yes, there is an opening in the front, but the hole in the back wasn’t placed well. I imagine the toys would stay wet and get gross!

I will definitely be reading reviews before I purchase any more Munchkin brand bath toys.

Do you have a favorite bathroom organizer? Contact me or comment if you do!