Bluebee Pals {Review + Giveaway}

Technology is everywhere and sadly unavoidable for the most part. With cell phones, tablets, computers, TV, and game systems at easily available at home and tablets andgroupshot computers now apart of the curriculum at most schools, screens seem to always be in children’s’ faces. But what if a product that can be used with said technology can help help educate  our little ones? I was recently given the opportunity to review an amazing product called Bluebee Pals from Kayle Concepts that combines state of the art technology and traditional plush toys.

Bluebee Pals come in 6 animal styles; Riley the Zebra, Leo the Lion, Hudson the Puppy, Lily the Lamb, Sammy the Bear, and Parker the Monkey so kids can pick their favorite animal to adopt. They are geared for children 3-8 years old but can of course be a lifetime pal to your child! Bluebee Pals use Bluetooth Technology to sync to any iOS and Android device. They can even be used a a hands-free phone with a built in microphone and speaker! riley-the-zebra-pro-510x510Each of the plush stuffed animals has a mesmerizing feature – lip synchronization – that allows the pal’s lips to move as it sings or reads from various apps.

My daughter chose Riley the Zebra and she loves her! She’s incredibly soft, even though she has a rechargeable battery stuffed inside. Hooking Riley up to our iPad was quick and easy. I downloaded several learning and singing apps, but the ones that read stories are my daughter’s favorite. Riley’s mouth moves and “reads” to her, she thinks it’s so cool! Simply prop a phone, laptop, or tablet on the pal’s lap and tuck it into their plush arms. Pal’s work with any app that has sound, including foreign language apps! Check out this video to see one in action!

Bluebee Pals are so fun and innovative, that’s why thousands have been adopted into households, schools, and therapy sessions. Pals  offer so many benefits, including auditory attention and processing, cause and effect, pre-literacy skills, and more. To date, the toy industry has given Bluebee Pals 6 awards, including Mom’s Choice, National Parentingspecial-needs Publications, Parent’s Choice, Creative Child Award, Academic Choice, and Tillywig, they were just listed as #1 on the list of products that impressed STEM Education at International Society for Technology in Education Conference 2016. I also think Bluebee Pals would be beneficial for children on the Autism spectrum, to help with language and communication. Get your little one his or her own award-winning Bluebee Pal here, at Target, or on Amazon for $64.99!

Here are a few links to recommended educational apps from the Bluebee Pals website, but be sure to visit their site to see all of the recommended apps:

Would you like to win a Bluebee pal of your own? You’re in luck! One winner will get to adopt a Bluebee Pal of his or her choice! Just follow these easy steps to enter:

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bluebee_palsThe giveaway will start Saturday, November 12th at 12pm and end Monday, November 14th at 12pm. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced within 24 hours. Goodluck! **This giveaway is no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram.**

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– Casey

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Giving my son a haircut was a nightmare, until I discovered these…

Okay. I apologize for the clickbait, but this is so 100% worth it.

My son was born with a mop of thick, dark hair. It quickly fell out, but within a week he had hair again! By 8 months old, his hair was in his eyes and he legitimately looked like some kind of hippie infant (which, I’m okay with. I briefly considered dreadlocks.) My husband and I took our son a street over to our local barber. I had called in advance to make sure he was comfortable with cutting a small child’s hair, to which he replied “oh yeah, I cut my nephew’s hair all the time.” Looking back, this should have been my first red flag.

The experience was horrible.

My son cried until he was red in the face. He hated the clippers, hated the hair in his face and really hated staying still. The barber was shaking and my blood pressure was through the roof.

Round 2:

My son needed another haircut (FML is the appropriate response here.) My sister-in-law is a pro stylist and she has the patience of a saint (obviously, she married my brother. HA! Love you baby bro!) but Lucas still didn’t tolerate the haircut. I mean, when those clippers turned on, it was more like an exorcism than a haircut.

So that was it. I was done. I was firmly set on growing his hair into little baby dreads. I’d buy him some cool Bob Marley t-shirt, figure out how to clean dreads (does one shampoo dreads? I don’t know.) It just wasn’t worth cutting his hair.

I finally gave in and started cutting his hair on my own. I placed him in a booster seat in my living room, put on his favorite show and gave him some snacks and a drink. I only used scissors. While he stayed happy, not only did it take me a good 30 minutes, but his hair was far from even.

I did this several time before getting in touch with Calming Clippers. Considering my son has had 7 haircuts and is only 17 months old, I needed a solution and was willing to try just about anything for a peaceful haircut.


Calming Clippers is a system composed of typical salon scissors with an attached plastic comb, similar to what you’d add to the end of clippers. The kit comes with scissors, 7 combs of varying sizes, a cape and an organizer. The clips were incredibly easy to attach and detach, and I had no issues changing the tension in the scissors. They also have gel bands in the finger holes to change the sizing to fit smaller or larger hands.

The scissors are branded for those with “sensory sensitivity“. They are ideal for children, but also those with sensory disabilities, in particular children and adults with Autism (as an aside, having worked as a tutor with children that have Autism, the concept of these scissors is going to be so revolutionary to parents that struggle through haircuts due to sound sensitivity!) While my son doesn’t mind most loud noises, the sound of the clippers simply terrifies him, so eliminating those for hair cuts for the time being is the best solution.

To use the scissors, they recommend first cutting the longer locks and then doing rapid cutting while brushing with the comb. My personal experience with these proved that to be accurate in achieving the best cut. For my son, I did a faded look using the 1.5 comb on the sides and the 2 on the top. I was shocked and so relieved to see how even his hair looked. The entire process took me about 5 minutes. That’s it.


I did find that hair sometimes gets stuck while combing it up, in a way that the hair folds down under the clip, making it so that it doesn’t actually get cut. My solution to this was to wet his hair which assisted with keeping his hair all combed in the right direction. The areas around the ears are still difficult, but with some practice, I have no doubt that I’ll be a pro soon enough. I still take a razor to his sideburns to create a straight line (I just used a 5 blade razor and quickly evened out the area while firmly holding his head to ensure that there was no chance of injury.)

This product has saved my sanity. I cannot possibly thank Calming Clippers enough for the anxiety that they’ve saved me. What a simple, yet amazing solution to such an intense problem for us!

Watch a video on the Calming Clippers HERE

You can purchase these for around $35.00 — essentially the cost of two haircuts. In my book, that’s money saved over the course of 10 haircuts a year!
Calming Clipper Haircutting Kit for Sensory Sensitivity, 10 Piece

Here are two recent photos of my son hanging out with his new haircut!

– Katie

**Burrito Buzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences and we never guarantee a positive review.**

Kid Companions Chewlry & Lanyards {Product Review}

IMG_20160409_093556441KidCompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS are teething necklaces for children and young adults who chew on things and/or are fidgety.

The company’s product was designed by a mom for her child. She noticed her daughter was constantly chewing on everything, and one day chewing on the newborn’s pendant nursing necklace. Her daughter was obviously using the chewing to calm herself and finding comfort in it, and so she began a company making “Chewlry” for children and adults with special needs.

They are bpa, phthalate, lead and latex free accessories made for children to teens. Unique tactile features help your child be him/herself, anytime, anywhere.”  The company takes alot of pride in being safe and environmentally safe. You can read more here on their website.

Pros: Very durable! These pendants are made for agest 3 (+), so  there isn’t much worry with your child being at school and swallowing a bead like necklace, or anything of the sort.

They are fun! They don’t look like a “mom” necklace or a baby’s! That is super important for older kids, you don’t want them to be more self conscious than  they already are.


Inside each  shape is a harder disk “dot” that keeps the whole product from bending and gives two fun textures to play with. There are also other smaller dots on the back to “offer interesting imagery possibilities.”

Easy to wash up. Warm water and a little soap is all that is needed. It is dishwasher safe if it gets really gross and you need to sanitize. I just don’t like the residue that can be left from my dishwasher sometimes. (We have VERY HARD water!)

The clasps on the lanyards are  not like the usual round break away clasps. They are flat so they lay flat and aren’t bulky. So, it wont draw attention to your child.

“Our custom made breakaway clasp is small and lays flat. It was designed specifically for children to ASTM “release strength” standards and is a safety feature that will make necklaces release if caught or snagged on something.” <<<< Seriously, A LOT of research and time went into these products! You can learn SO MUCH more and purchase here!

Cons: The ONLY con that I have for this product, is that it is technically only ages 3+. My 2 year old LOVES to chew on things, although she is not special needs, and some times I worry about her chewing on things as she could swallow pieces if she were to break the teether. That is the only complaint we have though. She was perfectly content sitting with me chewing on it, and was rather upset when I took it when I walked away!

A great find and a MUST if you have a child with special needs!

The company was awesome enough to send us product, but they also appreciate our readers!

As a Thank you USE COUPON CODE  ” LUV5″ and receive 5% off everything on their site!


**Burrito Buzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences with a product and we never guarantee a positive revie



GIVEAWAY: HoneyBee Baby Boutique 


Are you ready for a giveaway? We are! 

HoneyBee Baby Boutique was not only gracious enough to send us an amazing product to review, they were also gracious enough to offer to giveaway a set of red ChewBeads Military Tags to one of our readers just in time for the for the holidays! image

Even better news? You can get up to 4 entries per day!

All you have to do it head over to our social media sites (linked below) and follow the instructions on the original post. It’s that easy! One winner will be drawn on Monday, November 30th at 9pm EST. Good Luck!!


Honeybee Baby Boutique: Chewbeads Product Review


You’ve heard us say before at Burrito Buzz that we love local and small businesses, especially those with heart.

Honeybee Baby Boutique, an incredible shop for mamas and LOs based out of Colorado,  reached out and shared with us the amazing program they have to support their community, especially the military families in their neighborhood. Not only is their boutique a one stop shop for parents, with a phenomenal online store for long distance customers, but it has also become a place of comfort for local military families.

As many of us know, the military life can be unstable, stressful and exhausting. Moving to a new location is hard for anyone and HoneyBee Baby makes it their personal mission to help ease the stress of transitioning to a new location for military mamas. For imageevery new military family that comes to their area, they offer them Chewbeads Military Tags free of charge.

These unique chew necklaces are styled to mimic the ID tags that all military personnel receive. They are made of 100% silicone with no metal, BPA, phthalates, lead or cadmium.

One factor that make these tags unique is that they are designed for active children over the age of 3. Many children at that age can begin to develop chewing habits, especially during a major move or life change. These chewing tendencies can materialize as a way to:

  • Help the child focus (think when you sit with your legs crossed as an adult and bounce your leg absent-mindedly)
  • Relieve tension or aggression
  • Relieve pent-up energy
  • Reduce any oral pain (teething)

The habit of chewing is also very common in children with Autism or ADHD that struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder. They may be compelled to chew as a way to relieve themselves from being over or under stimulated. (Sources: here and here)

When I gave the tags to my LO (she’s 16 months now), she absolutely loved them! She’s imagehad them wrapped up in her hands and in her mouth since I gave them to her. The grooved details and overall size of the tags are perfect for her to get in her mouth easily and help relieve some of the pain of getting her molars already (yea, it’s about as fun as it sounds).

They have a breakaway clasp that is typical on most teething necklaces. My only complaint is that the string was not long enough for her to easily take on and off of her neck. Which may be for the best because I could see her getting frustrated trying to yank it off of her neck and hurt herself.

I’ve never seen a teething necklace like this that is specifically marketed toward slightly older children, and I must say I’m impressed. My LO loves it to soothe teething pains, but as the back of the packaging says, they are designed as an “alternative to chewing on clothing, hair or nails. Safe for children 3+ as a sensory tool.”

So not only do they sell a great product (one of MANY available in store and online), but Honeybee Baby Boutique is a company with heart. They generally care and give back, specifically to the military families in their area.

They have generously offered Burrito Buzz readers an incredible promotion to help jumpstart your holiday shopping. Use the Promo Code: BUZZ15 to receive a FREE ITEM with any purchase! They ask that in the “notes for this order” that you specify if you would like the gift to be for a boy or a girl.  Umm amazing!!

Thank you so much Honeybee Baby Boutique for sharing your mission with us! I definitely recommend their unique products and I always love knowing that my business is going to a company with compassion and love for their community.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts for your chance to win a FREE set of Chewbeads Military Tags for the LO on your list this holiday season!



**Burrito Buzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences with a product and we never guarantee a positive review.**