SnoofyBee {Review}

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult changing a diaper can be. If you’re a new mom or dad, you’re in for a surprise when baby starts moving and fighting each and every diaper snoofybeechange, because it will happen. Be it a baby or toddler, he or she will try and get away or try and grab the wipes, dirty diaper (that’s fun!), their private areas or anything they can get their grubby hands on. It makes for a huge mess if they get a hold of that diaper! So not only do you have to clean their bottoms, you have to clean their hands and everything else they touched (like their face – gross). So what can you do other than strapping them in a straight jacket (possibly illegal)? Meet the SnoofyBee, the 3-in-1 Clean Hands Changing Pad.

This is the most amazing and innovative changing pad I have ever seen and used! It’s design is so unique and it really does work! Here’s how:changing-pad-citrus-3-in-1-clean-hands-changing-pad-7

During the diaper change, baby is distracted by a soft barrier, therefore keeping their nosey little hands free of their dirty diaper and their private areas. It lays flat and folds right back up into a compact portable clutch. It is so easy to fold up, you can literally do it with one hand, which is often all we have to work with! It’s a diaper clutch, changing pad and play mat all in one!

This product has been great with our new little one but I know I will get much more use out of it in the future. My oldest was a hellion when it came to diaper changes the older she got, the SnoofyBee would have been a Godsend with her! The only thing I would change is the price point. At $29.99 (on sale from $34.99), the price is a little steep for me. With this changing pad, there’s no need to hold your little one down or need both parents to tag team for a diaper change. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars because it does what it’s supposed to! It works and makes diaper changes a breeze while also keeping little hands clean. I guess I can send back the baby straight jacket I ordered! 😉

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– Casey

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Eco-Friendly Bambo Diapers {Review!}

Babies produce a TON of trash (maybe quite literally?) Between wipes, diapers, baby food jars, destroyed clothing, etc… we’re throwing a lot away. Many of us use sustainable ways to produce less trash: cloth diapers, reusable containers, resale clothing, etc.

If you’re anything like me, cloth diapers were out of the question. I’m constantly on the go. I try pretty diligently to be cautious of the trash I’m producing; my household recycles, and tries to be eco-friendly whenever and wherever possible. So eco-friendly diapers, sure! Bambo produces eco-friendly diapers: “Natural and allergen-free baby products with ingredients certified to be safe and eco-friendly by Ecocert, Asthma-Allergy Denmark, and the Nordic Swan.” You can find their diapers at some of the major retailers, as well as online.

61oPIxJyScL._SX522_Bambo was kind enough to send us some product for a review. Several of our moms product-tested the diapers, and here is what we found:

Quality: Super soft, fits the baby’s body well. More slender than some of the boxier diapers.

Sizing: Because they are so thin, you can really stash several of them into a diaper bag pretty easily. The sizing is slightly larger than most of the diapers that I compared them too (especially Luvs,) and I thought this was a GOOD thing. I like diapers that run a big larger and come up higher on the waist, but if you have a slender baby this is probably not the diaper for you. The crotch of these diapers seemed a bit more narrow than others.

41sVXLQz6PLDurability: Daytime, good. All of our product-testing moms found that the diapers held up well through daytime changes. No leaking overall. Nighttime, a totally different story. All of our moms had leaking night time diapers. Bambo could work on the overall ability of the diapers to last through the night.

Smell: Typical to most diapers, perhaps slightly less fragrant than most.

Price: This is a game-changer for most of our moms. Families are generally on a budget, and this diaper isn’t very friendly to the typical family. Most brands of diapers that you’re used to seeing will run you between .18-.25. The Bambo diapers hover around .50 each. I’m totally willing to pay a little more for something that’s eco-friendly, but my budget can’t handle this much of a price difference.

Design: Diapers are diapers. You use them for a few hours and throw them away. However, there are a lot of diapers with better graphic design. Most of our moms weren’t a fan of the comic-looking tiger and bear.12277072_1307528145940125_2104144221_n

One of our moms utilized the size 5 diapers for review for her twin girls, who are 2.5 years old and potty training. Her girls wore the diapers overnight. Both girls loved the design of the pull-ups. However, the tape on the back side sparked too much interest, and they ended up tearing the diapers. Still, they held up well. They were easy for the girls to pull up and down on their own.

We give Bambo two thumbs up for their eco-friendly initiative, but we think that some work could be done for pricing, bedtime-leaks, and graphic design. We hope to see more from them in the future!

You can check out the features of their diapers here.


**Burrito Buzz received this product at low or no cost for the purpose of review or testing. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All product reviews are based 100% off of our personal experiences with a product and we never guarantee a positive review.**

Product Review: Diaper Genie Elite


PROS– Listen, that baby poo is going to stink up any nursery no matter what. Here is one that at least does what it says it’s going to do. The Diaper Genie Elite is great because you don’t have to touch it. I hate my SILs diaper can because you have to open the lid manually and push the diaper down into it. Nasty. This can is pedal activated, you drop the diaper in, *poof* it’s sucked down. The scent is contained as best as it possibly can be.

The reason I love this particular model, the Elite, is because it comes with a mini can as well as a large one. The mini can is NOT pedal activated (you have to push the diaper down into it) but it is spring activated (so it sucks the stink down) like the large one and uses the same bags. I LOVE the mini can because it is perfect for traveling! Being a military family, we travel non-stop and this is great to throw in the car and take to the MILs house so I’m not throwing nasty diapers into their kitchen trash. I also used the mini can when my LO was sleeping in our bedroom early on. No middle of the night trash runs. No stink. Perfection.

CONS– I did break one already. But I can’t even blame the can. I used and abused that can and I overstuffed it with dirty diapers and broke the spring. My bad. So it’s not titanium, still good quality. The biggest con is definitely the bags. The refill containers for the bags are going to cost you anywhere between $4.99-$6.49 and “last” for 270 diapers. That’s a little crazy if you ask me but there is a plus side. They always have coupons available at and there are several different generic brands that fit the unit. I’ve also seen some people use plain old trash bags.

In my opinion, I’ve seen several other units and this one gives you the most bang for your buck. It’s reasonably priced, keeps the stink out and prevents you from touching that nasty diaper any longer than you have to. The refills are pricey but coupons and generic versions are available. The mini can is a lifesaver for me. I am a believer!!