Made by Mary: Personalized Jewelry {Review}

FullSizeRender (87)Like most moms and grandmothers, I love showing off my little ones and the fact that I am a mother. I want the whole world to know that I am the mom of two of the sweetest, most beautiful girls on the planet. Of course I plaster their cute little faces all over my Instagram and Facebook pages and 99% of my Snapchat story is my four month old laughing and smiling as she’s starting to play with toys and my almost four year old running around the house being crazy. But my favorite, most personal way to honor my girls and to let everyone know they’re my world is personalized jewelry. I love jewelry as it is, but make it personal and it’s everything. I’ve been following Made by Mary on Instagram for quite some tiFullSizeRender (81)me now and finally pulled the trigger and reached out to collaborate on a review. I am so glad I did! I am beyond excited to share Mary’s beautiful personalized jewelry with our readers!

Mary Moody started Made by Mary as an outlet to cope with postpartum depression. She creates gorgeous metal stamped, minimalistic and meaningful pieces of jewelry that are perfect for parents, grandparents, caregivers or anyone who loves someone so much that they want to wear their name around their neck every single day! The jewelry is so simple and elegant! Made by Mary has several different styles of necklaces and bracelets to choose from, available in gold (14k gold filled), silver (sterling) or rose gold (14k gold filled). Necklaces have 3 different chain length options – 17 inches, 18 inches and 19 inches, perfect lengths to suit everyone. Personalization is available in three different fonts: Typewriter, Script, and Ariel and each front is available in upper and lowercase. Made by Mary has so many different types of necklaces to personalize, like their bar necklaces (my personal favorite) that can be personalized with names, dates, roman numerals, the sky’s the limit! FullSizeRender (88)You can also choose the bar length – 1.25, 1.5 and 1.75 inches long. There are also round and square charms that can be personalized with letters, dates or initials and there’s a cute little state charm, too! Seriously, there’s just too much to list, you have to check out Made by Mary’s Etsy shop to see all of the necklaces and combinations!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to their bracelets as well. Made by Mary bracelets are available for little wrists, too, so your little one can match you! They even have a Mama + Mini Duo! If you or a loved one has a medical conditioFullSizeRender (83)n (allergy, diabetes,ect.), gorgeous Medical ID bracelets are also available to personalize! Bracelets chains are available from 5 to 7 inches, making them a perfect fit for everyone.

I was sent an 18 inch silver bar ‘Mama” necklace (also available in “Grandma”) and the chain hit exactly where I wanted it to! It’s so delicate and simple, the perfect statement piece to let everyone know I am the Mama to my two little girls. I have sensitive skin when it comes to jewelry and this silver is not irritating at all, I am so thankful! I give Made by Mary jewelry a 5 out of 5 stars! I will definitely be a returning customer, not only for myself, but for gifts for family and friends! I know the moms and grandmas in my life will love Mary’s gorgeous handmade jewelry as much as I do!

Made by Mary is offering 15% off exclusively for BurritoBuzz readers! Use code BUZZ15 at checkout when you shop!

Be sure to follow Made by Mary on Instagram and visit her Etsy shop!

– Casey

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Stupid POS

Alright. I know. I’m a mom; I shouldn’t use foul language. Verbally, out-loud… I don’t very often. But in all honesty, my brain is constantly spewing out the most vulgar sentence fragments. Typically, my vulgarity is stemmed from idiot drivers, stubbing my toes all too often, forgetting that I have the wash in, and too-expensive groceries (like, $10 for cat litter? My cat shits in this. Like, my cat is shitting, in my money.)

Most recently, my anger is fueled by inefficient, poorly-made infant/child products. Hello. This item is for a child; could companies MAYBE take some time and ensure that they are good quality? I’m consistently amazed by the number of infant product recalls.

And I’m going to tell you, the infant product that brought me the most anger only cost a few dollars. I’m guessing many of you can identify. THIS, demonic Safety 1st Baby On Board sign. No matter what you do, this thing is NOT going to stick to your windows. I can’t tell you how many cars I’ve seen with this sign taped onto a window because it won’t stay up. I bought several of these 1. Because I want emergency responders to know that I have a little one in the car should anything happen (the original Safety-First-Baby-on-Board--pTRU1-8476090dtintent of these signs.) 2. I want moronic drivers to know that I’m not speeding up to satisfy their psychotic speeding, and that I have precious cargo that I’m transporting around.

So this thing should stick. It just should. How hard is it to make a safety sign that stays where it’s supposed to? Evidently, it’s rocket science.  So new mommas– don’t bother. This thing sucks.

I went searching for other solutions. I found a magnet that could go on the back of my car, and in all honesty I’m just not a fan. Car magnets can leave fade marks around the edges if you don’t move the magnet often enough. And, there are people that walk around taking car magnets off of cars for the fun of it. (Like, get a new hobby assholes.) Really, I’m just not the “car magnet” type of person.

So finally I found a window decal. Cheap, effective, and looks as decent as a baby warning can look. I quickly ordered two of them from ebay (just search “baby in car decal” on ebay or etsy and you’ll find plenty of sellers to buy from.)

Here it is on my car. Cute, right? (For my husband’s car, I simply peeled off the heart on the “i” to make it slightly more masculine (lol.) So this comes on paper backing, with a clear front to peel off. You peel off the paper backing, puIMG_6060t the decal on, press down over all of the white decal, and remove the transparent page. The instructions say to pop any air bubbles with a pin, but I found a much simpler solution by taking my credit card over the decal to push out any air. So far, it’s held up really well. The directions say that they last 4-5 years easily. It peels off just like tape would when you want to remove it.

I used windex and dried the glass completely before application. In all, both decals took me a total of maybe 3 minutes.

So parents, save your money and vulgarity, and go buy these decals instead of the Safety 1st suction cup version. You’ll be happy you did.

Order one here on Etsy.