Another Guava Family Review! {Plush Quilted Sheet + Fun Shade}


I did a review awhile back on my recent favorite baby purchase: The Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib. I want to share two awesome accessories for the Lotus travel crib.

lotus-plush-sheet_grande.jpgFirst, the Plush Quilted Sheet:

The mattress on the Lotus is perfectly fine without a sheet, but I really wanted to add another layer of protection and also give the mattress a softer feel for when my toddler is hanging out inside. More so, when we travel with him, I want to ensure that his sleeping spot is cozy so that he can sleep soundly the entire night. The quilted sheet was ideal! It fits great, is incredibly soft and more importantly, it’s sturdy. It washes well, too!IMG_0090

The quilted velour surface is 100% polyester, recommended for ages 12+ months and it runs $26.95 on the Guava Family website. The sheet is fitted, but also has holes for the velcro straps on the Lotus, which really ensures that it stays in place.

Crib_SunShade-LightGreen_grandeAnd, my personal favorite, The Fun Shade:

I stumbled upon the fun shade after getting my Lotus crib and thought it was perfect! We had already been making our Lotus into a fort when it wasn’t being used as a pack n’ play since the side zips down. But this UV shade is even better because it actually conforms to the crib. Ideal for the outdoors and I cannot wait to use it at the beach when it’s nap time. After putting it on a few times, my son thought it was the coolest thing. Available in several bright colors, making it particularly fun. The Fun Shade will run you $36.95 on the Guava Family site.

  • The Fun Shade is UPF 50+ to provide maximum protection from the sun.
  • Machine Washable, 100% quick-dry polyester.
  • Comes in a great little travel bag.


I’m thrilled with these two Guava additions. Again, I always wish things were less expensive, but such is this life of raising tiny humans.

I would love for Guava Family to come out with some kind of waterproof sheet to add to the mattress for situations where you might want to quickly pull off the sheet and toss it into a wet bag. It would be ideal to have something that could be pulled off and later throw in the laundry. I’ll be watching for new accessories over the next few years!

– Katie

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Guava Family Lotus Crib {Review}


My son is now 14 months old. He is weighing in at 26lbs. and a very tall 34in. Meaning, he’s over the limits, or close to the limits, for most traditional pack n’ plays.

Crazy, right? While we aren’t a family that is super keen on the idea of a pack n’ play for every day use, let’s be honest… sometimes they are necessary to get the bathroom scrubbed, throw in some laundry, or just sit down for a second instead of chasing your baby/toddler around.

A pack n’ play is a safe place for your little one, and the peace of mind that comes with that makes the purchase worthwhile.

So, what was I going to do? Travel was going to be harder– many vacation spots don’t offer cribs, and we aren’t co-sleepers.

Upon Googling “large toddler pack n’ play” I stumbled upon a few options, the Guava Lotus being one of them (and the top rated, as far as I could tell.) The lower shelf of the crib sits on the floor, making it safer for those higher-weight babies/toddlers. 

Fascinated, I checked out all the facts on the website and quickly decided that this was a great option for us. IMG_1565

Purchase yours here: 


-The travel crib is so much more than just a place to sleep. The side unzips so that my son can crawl in and out when he’s playing. Great for the beach (and you can purchase a sun shade for this,) outside camping, or just for making a fun fort in the living room (which we did.) The side zip has a zipper safety so that your little one can’t undo it.

The Lotus is light. I have some pretty bad lower back problems, so a traditional pack n’ play wasn’t cutting it for me. The Lotus is 13lbs, and easily moved around.

-Set up and tear down could not be any easier. In a matter of seconds, I can have this set up, or torn down. 

The mattress is much better than a standard pack n’ play. I found myself un-enthused with the cardboard-like structure of most, and this one is an exception. It has a nice amount of cushion while still being within safety guidelines. It also has a coating to keep it waterproof.

IMG_1544-The 360 mesh sides bring comfort in knowing that if my guy smashes his face up against the sides, he’ll be able to breath just fine.

-The mesh and guard rails easily come off if washing is necessary.

Legs have extra padding on the inside, just in case your little one falls or likes to bang their head on things (which, my son does…)

Optional accessories: sheet, quilted mattress pad, sun shade, mosquito net.

-The best part to me? This whole thing folds up in to a super portable backpack, with padded straps and all. It stores on an airplane in the overhead storage, as well. The quick design, and portability, make traveling much less daunting.

Overall, I have very few complaints. The design shows immense time in engineering, and attention to detail. It was a purchase worth making in my book.

This WILL run you a good $250, unless you can get it on sale. The accessories are not included, and are also pretty pricey. To make this mainstream, I’d like to see this running consistently at $175 with a sheet and sun shade included.IMG_1540

There is a bassinet, as well, which comes separately. Ideal for new parents that want their LO in their bedroom for the first few weeks/months.

This has been one of my favorite baby purchases so far. We enjoy traveling, and it’s nice to have a quick, safe place for my guy to hang out and snooze. We hope to use this for years to come! Thanks to Guava Family for providing a great product.


Lucas enjoying the Lotus as a fort…