8 Annoying Toys for Babies & Toddlers

When you become a parent, you also become an expert on all things that are annoying. It just comes with the territory. I think toy companies create the most annoying toys for babies and toddlers to drive their parents insane. Literally. Whether or not you buy these annoying toys, or if you try to keep them out of your house, they’ll still likely end up in you child’s toy box thanks to birthdays, holidays or from grandparents who love to spoil their grandchildren. As a mom to an almost four year old and four month old, I’m remembering all of the annoying baby toys my oldest used to have (and thought I got rid of forever) because they’ve once again popped up in our toy boxes. Here is a list of the most annoying toys (baby and toddler) according to me:

  1. Brilliant Basics Corn Popper by Fisher-Price – you all know why this is at the top ofpTRU1-2789443enh-z6 the list. It is possibly the most annoying toy ever created (thanks Fisher-Price!) Baby just pushes it and pop, pop, pop, pop, pop goes the balls. It. Never. Ends. If someone gifts your child this toy, they secretly despise you.
  2. See n’ Say by Fisher-Price – it seems like Fisher-Price makes several toys that torment parents. This toy is decades old, I remember annoying my mom with it as a child. Point the arrow at an animal and pull the lever down to hear what animal is is and what is says. You’ll hear “the cow goes moooooooooooooo” over and over and over.
  3. Any kind of musical instrument – this is self explanatory. I love music and my husband is a musician but we cannot stand hearing the our toddler’s toy instruments. Her keyboard, maracas, tambourine, drums and recorder (oh, the recorder is a nightmare) are often hidden because they’re just too much for us to hear all at once when our daughter is playing in her “band”.
  4. pTRU1-6647019dtGo Baby Go!™ 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail by Fisher-Price – another Fisher-Price toy, this snail would always start singing and lighting up when just sitting in the toy box with no one near it because there are no buttons to push to make it turn on. Simply touching it turns it on. Its songs and sound effects are highly annoying and my crazy kids absolutely love it.
  5. Playskool Poppin’ Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper by Playskool – the fan noise this
    thing projects is really annoying in and of itself but then it spits balls all over the place. My precious toddler loves throwing them at at me. They’re good for target practice I guess.
  6. Doc McStuffins Musical Light-Up Microphone – my husband brought this home for our daughter about a month ago and I thank my lucky stars everyday that he did (I’m being totally sarcastic). This thing never freaking stops and it’s so loud that it wakes my sleeping baby during nap time when my oldest plays with it. It’s now hiding on the top shelf of her closet and won’t be found for some time.
  7. My Pal Scout & Violet by Leapfrog – at  first I loved this dog when my oldest got it as my-pal-scout-violet_19156_2-1a gift a few years. I liked that it could be programmed with your child’s name so it could talk to them. But the buttons get jammed and the songs get stuck on one word or sound and it just repeats. The only way to stop it just turning it off or taking out the batteries. So annoying.
  8. Shake & Sounds Learning Pup by VTech – the only thing I can’t stand about this puppy is the constant barking. It’s cute and my daughter loves to play with it (she even named it Pumpkin Bubble Gum) but it barks. All. The. Time.

This is by no means a complete list, because according to my husband,
any toy that lights up and makes noise is annoying. This is just a small list of the most annoying toys (in my opinion) that we own or have owned. My husband and I often talk about taking the kids’ noisiestbusiness-software toys outside and going Office Space on their annoying asses.

If you have an annoying or noisy toy that you’d add to my list, let me know in the comments or tell us in the comments on this post on Facebook or Instagram! I know I am missing a lot and I’m curious which toys to stay away from!

– Casey


Evenflo Beach Baby Exersaucer {Review}

71XL0BXgm6L._SX522_Let me preface this with: I’ve tried numerous bouncers and stationary entertainers, all varying in price. The Evenflo Exersaucer (beach baby) is by far my baby’s favorite. This will run you around $50 (on the low end of price for an exersaucer. Most will run you $90-$120.)

We started using this when my son was around 5 months old. We could have started using it a bit sooner with the help of some blankets for padding/support (we didn’t purchase ours until our son was 5 months.) I’d recommend starting use when your LO is really able to consistently support their head.

-The seat is comfortable, and there are three easy height adjustments. It also swivels so that your LO can play with toys the entire 360 degrees. Babies can also comfortably bounce.

Moderately easy to put together. It took me around 20 minutes. Putting the seat tabs in for safety is what took the longest.

Toys are all fun: my baby plays with every single one of them. They are also easy to clean and remove if needed.

-The tray offers a cup holder and a space for small food.

-I love that the underneath is solid plastic. 1. Anything that my LO drops ends up on this tray, which can quickly and easily be wiped up. 2. I sweep my floor constantly (we have two cats,) but there is still always stray hair. So, it keeps his feet totally clean when he doesn’t have socks on.811nBztcDWL._SX522_

-This offers great stability exercises since this is shaped like a bowl, making them kind of hold their center of gravity, and three stability legs for babies that aren’t quite ready to push their balance skills yet I’m really not a huge fan of the legs, because I feel as though they fold in and out too easily. I’m constantly adjusting them. Still, not a huge hassle.

-This thing does not fold up, and takes up some serious space. It just sits in the middle of my living room all day every day, because my son loves this thing more than life itself.

Great product, and I’d recommend it to any parent with an active little one!