pediped Sahara Flex Water Sandals {Review + Giveaway}

pedipedLogo_Text_HiRez[1]I don’t know about you, but my kids feet get gross! There’s always mud, dust, grass and sweat getting in their shoes now that they are both mobile. Most shoes you technically can’t toss in the washer or hose off. So, they wear out and just get even more disgusting. I came across pediped looking for a better alternative to my adorable (unhygienic) cutsie Carter’s shoes. [I love Carter’s shoes but for playing, I felt like we need something a more rugged.] Flex_SaharaPurpleSwirl_(PED01_0483)[1]

I tried out the pediped Sahara Flex Water Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid),Navy/Pink,27 EU (10-10.5 M US Little Kid) and needless to say, we adore these shoes!

Pediped shoes are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development. This is so important for your little one’s overall health and development.

A little bit more about the shoe..IMG_20160714_155642.jpg

– Sizes 3 toddler to 3 years.

– Breathable neoprene lining

– Flexible rubber sole with protective toe caps

– Velcro closure is longer than most. You can attach anywhere along the length of the strap, not just at the very end.

– Machine washable and water safe! I hose them off before we come in from playing outside and let them sun dry. They are dry within 30 minutes! After multiple hosings and machine washes, there is no wear and tear or loose stiching.

– Made with eco-friendly material without any solvents.

My 2.5 year old could put them on herself! That is huge! A lot of other shoes are hard to get on and the straps just don’t lay right, but that’s not the case with these water sandal. I tried to put a more dressy sandal on her because she was wearing a dress, she refused and ran off to get her pediped sandals from the garage. Now this a girl who takes her shoes off the very possible second that she can. To say I am very happy is an understatement!

Not only does my toddler love them, but my baby does too! He just started walking more consistently and he doesn’t throw a fit when we put them on him. Not only that, but they are easy to get on! You all know how hard baby shoes are to get on with their chubby little feet.

They are a little on the pricier end at around $40-50 a pair, but they are so worth it because of the quality! These shoes that will last. Definitely a 5 star product and must have for the summer!

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– Amanda


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Bear Slippers

Let’s take a moment and reminisce about those cute little matching outfits that your opinion-less child once wore. You know which ones I am talking about: those cute outfits with the matching pants (they even let you dress them in cute little themed outfits, like a train conductor and didn’t say a word about it.)

Oh no, Mommy. Not anymore. The days of your LO being a tiny fashion model are over. Your child now has an opinion. 

We’ve slipped into the “no Mommy, I wear (insert item that doesn’t match anything) today”.

Exhibit 1: 

His pajamas matched until he realized it, at which point he decided to change out the previously matching Cars bottoms for Minions. I tried to explain to him that you can’t mix Disney and Pixar. He didn’t believe me. So for the remainder of the day, he looked like a child’s movie cabinet threw up on him. Oh well.

Exhibit 2:  

I would like to direct your attention to the bear slippers. I tirelessly attempted to convince him that his bear slippers needed a nap and that he needed to put on his flip flops, to which he replied “they wake. See Momma, wake on my feet. Flop (flip flops) napping”…and we proceeded to go pick up his older siblings from school with him sporting fuzzy bear slippers.

So what do you do? You let them. Let them use their tiny new found opinions and independence as much as they want.  These moments won’t last and will be a story of the past just like their cute matching outfits are.

Self-dressing is an important fact of life, because let’s face it… as much as we want to wear our pajamas to work, it’s just not an option. When your child becomes a toddler their brain is developing at such a rapid speed, and part of this new neurological function is motor skills! So yes, your once baby has now developed into a tiny human that can grab, choose favorites, and dress themselves! Here is a great article about those new skills.

Getting dressed takes practice. Thankfully, most of that practice occurs when our children are young and not being mocked by their peers yet for wearing slippers around. (Though, anyone with a teenager will tell you that they aren’t sure that taste is really “developed”.)