Moldy Munchkin & I Are Breaking Up

012096-miracle-sippy-cup-360-pink-lc3_1.jpgIt really is no secret that the Burrito Buzz moms have a love-hate relationship with sippy cups. We try and tell you about the ones we love and the ones that we hate. Sippy cups are part of life with kids. There’s no way to get around it. Either it’s an awesome cup or it leaks and makes you want to smash it into a million little pieces.

A certain company has yet to leave our “hate it” list. Not only do we hate it, this mama bear is pretty furious. I have yet to try a Munchkin sippy cup that didn’t eventually stain a carpet, dump all over my kid or be impossible to clean thoroughly. We have told you guys about it here and here. I knew it was too good when the so called “Miracle Cup” rarely leaked and my toddlers liked it!

THE MOLDY LIDBurritoBuzzMolyCup

I received the 360 Miracle Cup as a “gift” when two of my sound machines both stopped working and it took over a month to get them replaced. I was thankful that even after a pretty rough customer service experience, they were trying to make up for it.

It is a simple cup with only three pieces that you can take apart. There is one piece that you can not take off though. The little rubber ring that gives it a tight seal is not something you can remove. Munchkin-Miracle-360-Degree-10-Oz-Sippy-Cup-Colors-May-Vary-0-6

Well, this evening I was drying it off and noticed little gray spots. The ring is clear and tightly secured to the cup. I never thought to take it off because you can’t. I ran my nail under it try and a little pile of black junk came out. Gross! I literally had to take a steak knife, pry it away and then use another knife to flip it off. The pictures speak for themselves. It is absolutely disgusting and I really hope my child does not get sick from this.BurritoBuzzmoldycupThis is the same lid as above, just the opposite side.

Before Munchkin can give their spiel about how you are supposed to properly clean the cup, like I have seen on other complaints, I will tell you that it is always cleaned promptly and properly. This cup gets rinsed, taken apart and washed after every single use. It doesn’t sit around the house all day, nor does it sit in the sink for days on end. Not only is it washed, but it is also put in the top rack of my dishwasher to get sanitized. Or so I thought…

Parents, please be sure to toss these cups so your littles don’t get sick from them!

Be sure to share with your friends so they can check their cups to!

– Amanda



Munchkin….Fix the sippy cups!

I nursed BK#1, but she was also on a bottle because I worked for a while when she was a baby. So weaning her from the bottle was harder than weaning her from nursing. Like you have probably noticed, BurritoBuzz moms are kind of fed up with sippy cups and their performance. Either the kid hates it or they dump it everywhere!

Seriously, its not okay. I have no idea why companies can’t get it right!

16294309_Alt01.jpgBK#1 would have nothing to do with any type of cup. All of the nipples were too hard or not shaped right. Really, who knows with a toddler. We finally found these at Target! AND she loved them!


BurritoBuzz mom Katie already went in to detail on why the straw cups don’t last (even though the idea is genius – it’s a weighted straw so no matter how your child holds their cup they get something). BK#1 loved it, but it was not worth the mess or the waste.

15300763Back to the Munchkin Click Lock™ 9oz Bite Proof™ Soft Spout Sippy Cup. Again, great idea but poor execution!

It is a three piece cup that is very easy to wash and take care of. The click system is supposed to let you know when it is sealed and won’t leak. The spout is soft, but the child still has to bite down for anything to come out.

Target was always having sales on them and we probably ended up with a dozen before they went bad.

click-lock-collection-from-appFirst the click went bad. The little piece of plastic that makes the sound snapped off, leaving a hole on the seal of the cup! Disaster. So those got pitched.

THEN the spout went bad!!

Seriously, Munchkin?!?!

The ones that didn’t leak from the cup lasted about 6 months before the spouts went bad.

Where your child bites down to drink, there are two little holes for the liquid to flow through. Well, apparently they rip into bigger holes and/or the cup is not “bite proof”. I can’t say for sure what happened. But you can see the rips on the side of the holes, like someone stuck a pair of scissors in the hole to make it bigger. INSANE! sanity suckers.png

We are currently on the Gerber Graduates Advanced Insulated Cup-Like Rim Sippy Cup, and are very happy! No leaks to report.. yet!

I am still slowly throwing out the Munchkin cups as they break, but only using them as water cups.

imagesWhat are you going to do Munchkin? We thought we loved your products!





Munchkin Click Lock {Product Review}

71MMm8ir4EL._SL1500_.jpgThe sippy cup nightmare. BurritoBuzz has posted several sippy cup reviews in the past, and all of us have said the same thing: you’ll buy 20 sippy cups, and you might have ONE that doesn’t leak. It’s definitely not an understatement to say that sippy cup designs are seriously flawed.

So my cupboard is no exception: I have somewhere between 15 and 20 sippy cups/straw cups, and I’m unimpressed with 80% of them.

I purchased this Muchkin Click Lock cup with high hopes. It has handles, a silicon straw, and a weighted straw bottom that sets it apart from the comparison cups. The weighted straw helps when you are training your little one to use a straw cup, as it helps to ensure they are drinking fluid instead of air (because they don’t quite grasp the concept of a cup needing to stay upright yet.)

My initial analysis was mostly good. I loved the double handles and weighted straw. My son caught on quickly with this cup, and it was great for travel since it has a flip down lid.

The cup is easy to clean, and comes apart into 4 pieces. (I can’t stress enough how important it is to fully disassemble sippy cups and bottles since they can grow mold in all the crevices.)

The bad news: this cup leaks A LOT. I can’t quite figure it out, but it seems to be related to the pressure within the cup (maybe changing temperature of the fluid inside.) But the fluid is pushed out the top of the straw in rather large quantities, even when it’s been sitting totally upright. These aren’t just small leaks, it’s about an ounce of fluid sitting on my counter/carpet/couch each time. I’ve mostly stopped using this cup because of the huge clean-up hassle.

This cup isn’t incredibly cheap either. It’ll run you $7-$10, just a few dollars above the average cost for a cup like this (and I purchased a few of them.)

So, overall, I’d avoid this sippy cup. It’s a great design idea, but unfortunately it wasn’t executed very well. Save yourself some clean-up time and purchase one of these alternatives:

Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup71NOJxFadQL._SL1500_

Tommee Tippee Straw Cup

OXO Straw Cup

These alternatives don’t have the weighted straw, but they do the job. The first alternative is for babies a little older that don’t require the handles/straw, and the second and third are really great lightweight training cups with straws

Hopefully Munchkin will soon revise their design and we can rewrite this review!

Let’s go Muchkin engineers!



Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer {Product Review}

mc-148_1zI will say this, before I say anything else: I usually LOVE anything that Munchkin makes! The brand is a staple in our home! Bottle racks, potty seats, sound machine, baby gates, toys, sippy cups, teethers, and the list goes on of their products that we have, but this thing made me hotter than fire!

Pros: It is large, so all of the bath toys we have would have fit in it! They come in really bright colors, and I liked that because I wanted something to entice BK#1 to put away her own bath toys.

I am going to be honest, those are the only good things about this product.

Cons: It’s really pricey for the product you get. Its not worth $13!!! ! And it didn’t work….like, not even for 5 minutes. It has 4 suction cups to hold it up on the wall. So, I thought, that’s overkill, but will help it hold the weight of the toys! WRONG! Not one of the suction cups would stay on the wall for more than a minute. Don’t even try to put any toys in it, or it and the toys will go tumbling. My DH and I tried everything we knew short of supergluing it to the wall, and we even googled to see if we could figure out how to get the suction cups to stick! Not one thing worked!

I really wish that I would have read the reviews on this product before I purchased this, because they are all saying the same thing. But, it wasn’t a researched purchase. It was an “Oooo I could use this” at Target and in the cart it went. Oh, and I threw the box away, so I couldn’t even return it!

I didn’t get a chance to really use this organizer, but I don’t think it would have drained the water well from the toys. Yes, there is an opening in the front, but the hole in the back wasn’t placed well. I imagine the toys would stay wet and get gross!

I will definitely be reading reviews before I purchase any more Munchkin brand bath toys.

Do you have a favorite bathroom organizer? Contact me or comment if you do!



Munchkin Xtra Guard Latches {Review!}

512cg9-v3AL._SX466_Kitchen safety: super important. Between cleaning supplies, random chemicals (dishwasher detergents, especially,) hot surfaces, sharp objects… it’s definitely the place to spend some time baby-proofing. My kitchen was fairly straight-forward: a few things moved into new spots out of reach, and a few cupboard latches.

What I was most worried about was our oven. New ovens are decently lightweight and easy to tip, especially if the door is pulled open. My LO loves to climb on everything right now, and he really likes to use the oven handles to push himself up. IMG_7899

I had heard of children being severely injured or killed by falling furniture. Most of my tall furniture is secured to the wall, however, our oven door was a conundrum to me. A quick search resulted in these multi-use latches by Munchkin (there are several other brands, as well.)

These have adhesive that sticks firmly, but can also be peeled off without too much of a struggle. One adheres to the oven door, and one to the side of the oven (you can also use these on microwaves, refrigerators, etc.) Each square clip has buttons on each side that push in to release the latch. This then swivels into a vertical position, out of the way of your door. Really, a simple yet great design.51XjuH-IwxL

The ease of use makes it easy to cook without becoming frustrated by all of the baby-proofing. My husband and I use this daily, and I think that it’s one of the easier security items that we’ve purchased.

A two pack of these will run you around $7. And while I watch my 9 month old in the kitchen at all times, it’s helpful to know that if he pulls on the oven in the wrong way, he’ll be safe.


Product Review: Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System


PROS: I’ve used this sound machine since my LO was about a month old. It has 6 different sound options from classical music and nursery songs to nature and white noise. I’ve kept it on the ocean track for the majority of the time. The blue part on the bottom is a built-in nightlight that isn’t too bright and can be tapped to turn on (perfect for midnight bathroom runs!) It ALSO has four different rotating scenes that can be projected onto the ceiling. The cartridges for these scenes conveniently store in the side of the unit. There is a timer for the sound option (I leave it going nonstop) and it also has the option for voice activation so if your LO wakes up crying, it will automatically turn on.

You get all this in a compact unit that has a good length of extension cord and plugs in to an outlet. I’ve used this an average of 3 times a day for over a year and it has never had any issues at all!

CONS: Really the only con I can think of is that is does need to be plugged in so there is a cord risk if it is not put up during the day or in a higher up location.

This sound machine will cost you about $29.99 and in my opinion, it is totally worth it. This has become a staple in our bed and nap time routine and my LO loves it! It’s easy to travel with and has been reliable in spite of CONSTANT use. A winner in my book!


Little Horrid Minions


As I sit down at my desk to post this evening I am sipping my coffee and thanking Jesus that my sweet sleeping BK#1 is almost done teething…for now! The days are long and the nights are even longer! But as I’m sitting in the silence I am thinking about BK#2 sleeping soundly and wondering how long it is going to last because somehow the poor little guy is teething too, already! BK#1 started teething slightly around 3 months and now here we go again at just 2 months! I am not looking forward to the slobbering, gnawing, crying and screaming monsters that the little white things turn my babies into! I am going to have to dig into my arsenal of tips, facts and products that have helped me before, much sooner than I want to! I have it all already and that is the important part. No longer am I a zombie mom at 3 am struggling to read her computer screen, and googling something to make the screaming and moaning stop. Okay, so maybe I’m still a mom-zombie, but that is beside the point!

What is this arsenal, you ask?? I will share, I promise!

I always start with the facts when I am looking to solve a problem. What causes teething, helps you resolve your LO’s pain! Know the signs! Do some reading and research to know what to look for, and watch your baby like a hawk! ….My LO gets ear infections super easy and that is also a sign of teething. So frustrating. So, call your pediatrician, call your pediatrician, call your pediatrician! Got it? They will never tell you that you are crazy, or wrong for calling and or going in. There is no way to tell if they have an ear infection without looking inside their ear. Any advice here is just that ADVICE! We are telling it how we see it and what we have been through. But none of us are doctors, so when in doubt please call. End rant.  …. The signs!

Red and swollen gums, Heavy drooling, red cheeks, sleeplessness/sleep problems in general, ear rubbing, gum biting or sucking, excessive biting, refusing to nurse/drink bottle/eat food, and diaper rash.

Yes, it’s a long list that could be a million other things too, but that is why it is so frustrating. You just have to feel it out, stay calm and keep in contact with your pediatrician.

Why does it hurt so much???

Okay soooo pretty obvious that some razor sharp little white minions are trying to hack away at your baby from the inside to get out. That isn’t the only reason that it hurts. The teeth are starting to push their way out of the gums, yes. But that causes the gums to swell. That combined with trying to eat or drink causes extra blood to flow to that area and increases the pain. Your goal as a parent is to get that swelling down!

How do I soothe my baby? {“Get that swelling down”}

There are literally hundreds of teething products that are on the market these days. Hundreds. The six of us have gone through a lot of them! I am going to give you a little tid bit about the ones that seems to be the most popular and let you know what I think.


Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace (CERTIFIED!!!) – I have some favorites and this is by far the top of my list. Amber is a natural painkiller, the baby’s body heat triggers it to release its oils which help them relax. Amber necklaces are safe when: you make sure you baby doesn’t chew on it, you are around (not during bed time or if you are out of the room), and most importantly it is real and certified. Know the necklace. Real amber warms on the skin when worn. A good necklace is strung and individually knotted between all the amber nuggets, and has a safety twist clasp. The beads should not be perfect, should vary in shape, and should not be slick like glass. My baby wears around her neck, and I double it up around her ankle under her sock if she is messing with it. If you choose to get an amber necklace be sure not to get a cheapy one. I promise it’s worth the money.


BALM! Baby Teething Rub- FABulous! All natural blend of essential oils. This is my go to right before bed. It lasts quite a while and works like a charm! You put a little on a q-tip or a clean finger and rub it on their little gums. Usually they love you letting them suck on your finger and the massage that comes with it. A little on the pricier end of my arsenal, but you get what you pay for.


Frozen Teethers- Anything frozen really. But BK#1 especially loved her frozen foot! Cheap, easy and effective!


Chew beads – I might have a slight problem with this item. I have multiple. They make necklaces, and bracelets and all kinds of stuff. They are little silicon beads knotted and strung on some ribbon. Great for baby wearing momma’s, and the clingy LO who doesn’t want put down! Super stylish and the babies LOVE them! BK#1 has claimed one of my necklaces as her own and has dubbed it her “pretties”! The best thing about them is that they are super safe! Mine have been washed a million times, stuck in the freezer on a regular basis, and just well-loved in general, and they STILL look brand new! LOVE!


Razbaby teethers- little binky like bumpy thing that is baby heaven! I keep this in my diaper bag for a quick go to! {Speaking of diaper bag- keep a look out for me to post about my diaper bag investment} This little wonder is great! Although I have noticed it doesn’t keep her attention as long as some of the others.


Munchkin fresh food feeder- Another favorite. Your baby has to be a little older though for this. We have put anything from frozen breast milk and ice cubes to frozen fruits and veggies in this. Works wonders. It is a pain in the butt to clean though. I tend to scrub it out, then run it through the dishwasher to sanitize it and THEN let it sit out and dry. If you purchase just make sure you clean it well and completely dry it so it doesn’t grow mold.


Milk pops- Binky. Breast milk/cow’s milk. Ice tray. Freezer. Shazam! Takes some time but babies really enjoy it! Like I said earlier. Anything frozen. Seriously popsicles…big ol carrot (If they are on hard solids!) …whatever you let them eat regularly just freeze it. I have been amazed by the frozen food items my baby has gnawed on!


Hyland’s Gel/Tabs- Homeopathic and low dose. These are used when I have nothing left and my baby is still in pain. I try not to turn to meds for teething, just because they teeth for so long! It feels like its forever! I just don’t like meds myself, and I really don’t want to start a regimen of meds with my baby.

untitled (3)

Infant Tylenol- Last go to. When I am at my whit’s end, she’s been screaming all day because -dang it, mommy, nothing is working, – and I know she doesn’t have an ear infection. (I don’t want to mask symptoms and not get her to the doctor)  

I hope this helps! There are so many things you can do to help your baby, but my best advice is to always go with your gut, and never underestimate the power of a good snuggle and nap time!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!