Our Sleep Schedule


The first 2-3 months of being a parent are brutal. There is such a HUGE adjustment period, and acclimating on little to no sleep is nearly impossible (not to mention those post-partum hormones.)

Like many, I brought my LO home thinking he’d sleep soundly in his beautiful nursery in his giant, expensive crib. HA. Oh man. I gave up within an hour. My LO was quickly laying in the Rock n’ Play next to my bed. Soon after, we upgraded to a full-blown pack n’ play with a sleeper/changer built in. My LO stayed in our room solidly for the first 6 weeks. In all honesty, it was easier. I could quickly feed and change my LO, watch him breath and fall asleep, and go back to bed (in-between Googling a billion things at 2AM.) When the 6 week mark approached, I knew I needed more sleep since I was going back to work at the 8 week mark. So, I set up a plan. I’m not a proponent of the CIO method, so I needed another way to get my LO to sleep more than 2 hours at night (especially with reflux.)

Once we got our reflux issues worked out (more about that in our “reflux” category,) my daily scheduled looked something like this:

6AM: Wake Up. Whether he was up or not.

9AM: Nap

Around noon: Nap

Sometime in the afternoon: Small nap

Bedtime: Firmly 8:00PM. I would take him up to his nursery, lights off, no talking, no playtime. He would eat, and, as much as I wanted to hold him forever, I’d lay him down in his crib.

During the day I kept him active. Lights on, window shades open. TV or background noise, and lots of play and interaction.

After putting him down at bedtime, if he would stir/cry I would give it a minute before running in instantly to console. I never let him cry hard, or more than a whimper.

I also put him to bed without his binky. Though, I sometimes had to go back in and give it to him to console him.

After about a week and a half of the routine, he was set. We have had the same schedule for months now, and it’s worked out SO so well for us. I was firm with our routine, and I think it helped us to really feel confident and get through the day. Disclaimer: you will get grief about this from someone.┬áDo what works for you.

And, of course, this won’t work for all babies. Every baby is absolutely different. To any parent trying to get a scheduled day? Keep on it. Eventually you’ll have some progress, no matter how small.



Fisher Price Rock N’ Play

Alright, I said I’d do a review of the Rock N’ Play later… so here we go.

This may be one of the best gifts we received at our shower. Not only is it good for reflux babies, but for babies in general.

When your LO is little, you want them close by. Pack n’ Plays and cribs are huge for them! Babies aren’t used to being in wide open spaces. So, for the babies that struggle to adjust, and for the parents that want a few minutes more sleep… I give you the rock n’ play!

This rocker sits up higher than most infant seats. It has breathable mesh lining on the sides, so no worries of SIDS risk. It also has a vibrator (and I’ll be honest here… I think that rocking motions are far more soothing to babies than vibrations. But, that’s just in my experience.)

We kept the Rock n’ Play right next to the bed for the first several weeks. When Lucas would cry, and we knew he’d just been fed and diapered, we’d rock him in this until he went back to sleep.

The cons: Most of them are manual rocking, unless you spend some additional money for an auto-rocker. Secondly, I’m not sure how much “play” there really is to the Rock n’ Play. They have a weight limit of 25lbs, meaning that most infants will grow out of it before they’re playing too much.

The only other big con to me: the straps to buckle them in don’t tuck in if you don’t want to use them. We didn’t use the buckle for the first several weeks because our LO wasn’t squirmy (and this is a deep rocker.) They are nice to strap them in when they’re moving, but I wish they’d tucked in (similar to how the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler seat does.)

For reflux: many babies with reflux need to be elevated when laid down. This rocker is about a 45 degree angle, which is perfect to help acid stay down. It folds up easily, so it can be carried from room to room if needed (which we definitely did.)

The fabric is easy to take off and wash. There are tons of patterns to choose from.

Batteries in this lasted 6-8 weeks for me. Not great, but not terrible. Like I said, the vibration feature in this is an extra I could take or leave.

The Rock N’ Play will cost you anywhere from $40-$60 (more if you choose the auto-rocker.)

Definitely money well-spent. I would recommend this to any parent— but particularly those babies that are struggling with reflux/GERD.