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Consider this page a resource, from parents and hopeful parents trying to be open and candid about their experiences, ranging all the way from trying to conceive (or not trying to conceive, and doing it anyway,) pregnancy, labor and delivery, all the way through honest, raw stories about parenting, experiences, product reviews, and more.

I hope that you find something on this page that helps you in some small way! Parenting is hard, and beautiful. The cutesy Instagram photos of new moms gazing happily into their newborn’s eyes aren’t always the most accurate portrayal of adjusting to life with children.

It’s messy. It’s brutal. Exhausting.

Sometimes flat out debilitating.

But we love those tiny grumble monsters with everything in our being, and every day we wake up to do better, learn, and give them the best possible life. So parents, sit back. I won’t say relax, but there is a good chance your baby is spitting up on your or your toddler is moving chairs around the house to hop up onto the kitchen counter. Just know, we’re here with you… going through the same crazy situations, and we want to help (or to be helped!)

As parents, we’re imperfect. And on this page we really try to show that we’re just doing the best we can possibly do.


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