There are little things that us as parents tend to obsess over, and I found for me it was where I was going to change Gabe’s diaper. Cayden had a changing table that we never used so I didn’t figure we would get one for G. When Kolcraft reached out to review a changing pad, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity.

This particular changing pad is a life saver. It has deeper, taller sides to help contain those wriggly babies that try to do everything but lay still while you’re changing their diapers and while you should never leave baby unattended on a changing table, high surface, etc. it helps give a sense of comfort.

The quality of the pad is top notch and I noticed that there isn’t any absorbent stitching in the edges where baby lays which makes it more waterproof then the leading companies pads.

Price wise, you’re looking at $34.99. For the quality, size and comfort I’d say it’s fair, but realistically your baby will be changed where it’s convenient and I personally would not spend nearly $40 on this.

4 out of 5 stars. The price is a little high given how often I used it.


I received this product at no charge from the Kolcraft Mom Matters test group in return for an honest review.